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“While the Men Watch” The Women Will Talk


So by now, you’ve probably read what both Gabby and Chrissy have had to say about this topic, if you haven’t I strongly suggest you check out what they have to say in addition to what I’m about to.

It’s not new news that women are often “forced” to watch sporting events by their significant others. It is something that has been happening for years and will continue to happen for probably eternity. But what is new is what CBC is doing. CBC will be broadcasting a women’s version of the opening game of the Stanley Cup finals this week.  “While the Men Watch” will allow two females give their commentary on the game. But by commentary I don’t mean play by play.  If you tune in to hear Jules and Lena give their commentary, you’ll be informed about who is in need of a makeover, who’s well dressed, and of course the who “Boyfriend of the Game” is . Yes, each game they each pick one player to be their “boyfriend” for the game based on who they think is good looking on the two teams playing. I will admit, I make comments about how attractive some of the players are, but it will be one or two comments a game at most—not a game long analysis of who’s the best looking player on the team.

I think the idea of having a blog and website is cute. Ladies who have sports loving boyfriends or husbands can sit on the couch next to their man while the game is on and chat with other ladies about what’s happening and who’s looking good via the internet. That’s all good, but I’m not too crazy about the idea that CBC will be broadcasting this commentary nationwide. First of all how many viewers would actually tune in to this broadcast?  The women who want to watch the game because they enjoy the sport will be watching the normal broadcast. And for the women who don’t care about the sport but still watch because of a male–  I bet they’ll  still be watching the normal broadcast since it would be highly unlikely the men would choose to watch the game with the women’s commentary if they are that into the game. The only way I see a lot of people tuning into this broadcast is if the game ends up being a complete snooze fest and people are looking for a way to stay awake.  Second of all, I feel like this broadcast will only spark more of a debate about females watching sports. I know some men will use this to further assumptions they have about women only watching sports to “check out” the players. Of course the women will then do the best they can to convince the men otherwise. I know I’ve had to do just that numerous times and I feel like I shouldn’t have to prove to men that I understand what’s going on just because I’m a woman.

With that said, I have just one more thing to say—Ladies, if you don’t care about watching the game with your man why don’t you just tell him that and do something else instead? For example: make him some awesome food to snack on while he watches the game, or have a girls night out with some of your girls.

And in case you were wondering—Drew Doughty will be my boyfriend of the game on Wednesday Night ;)

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