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An Alternate View: Part 1 of 2


The Florida Panthers started the season vs the New York Islanders with 4 players wearing an “A” on their jerseys, those players were Stephen Weiss, Tomas Kopecky, Ed Jovanovski and Brian Campbell.  Who do I think should have that “A” removed from their jersey, and then replaced with a “C” what can these 4 alternates bring to the team if named Captain?

Tomas Kopecky getting named an alternate was a surprise to me, I had never thought of him being our next Captain.  After I saw that “A” on Tomas Kopecky jersey the first thing that I thought was “What could he bring to the Florida Panthers as a team Captain?”

Center Tomas Kopecky was drafted 38th overall by the Detroit Red Wings in 2000, Tomas Kopecky made his first appearance with the Detroit Red Wings in 2005-2006 playing in 1 game, but did not register a point.  Tomas Kopecky kept his slow start to his career going in 2006-2007 when he played in 26 games and only registered 1 point.  From 2007-2009 in Tomas Kopecky final seasons in Detroit, he put up a combined 31 points in 156 games played.  In Tomas Kopecky 2 and only seasons in Chicago with the Blackhawks, Tomas Kopecky put up a combined 63 points in 155 games played.   It seemed as if Tomas Kopecky was finally reaching the prime of his career, and now he may be on the verge of his best season of his career with the Florida Panthers.

What Can Tomas Kopecky bring to the Florida Panthers as team Captain? I think that winning the Stanley Cup, having been all the way to the biggest stage in the NHL could make him an effective leader, along with the Veteran presence that Tomas Kopecky can bring to the Florida Panthers.  Do I think Tomas Kopecky SHOULD be the team Captain? No, and that is because I do not believe a 3rd line player can bring the best leadership to the Florida Panthers at this time, also this is his first season with the Florida Panthers, I do not think he has enough chemistry built up with his fellow Florida Panthers yet.

D-Man  Brian Campbell was drafted 156th overall by the Buffalo Sabres.  From the first season Brian Campbell played with the Buffalo Sabres in 1999 to his final season with the Buffalo Sabres in 2008, Brian Campbell combined for 176 points in 391 games played.  After being traded to the San Jose Sharks during the 2007-2008 season, Brain Campbell would finish up his one and only season with the San Jose Sharks with a total of 9 points in 2o games played.  From 2008-2011 Brian Campbell would play with the Chicago Blackhawks, along with winning the Stanley Cup in 2009-2010, Brian Campbell combined for 177 points in 215 games played.  Now Brian Campbell looks to continue his all star career with the Florida Panthers here in 2011-2012 and well, so far so good!

Now what can Brian Campbell bring to the Florida Panthers as team Captain, outstanding leadership, being that he has seen it all in his years in the NHL and having a cup ring does not hurt, in fact he won that cup ring with Tomas Kopecky in 2009-2010 with the Chicago Blackhawks.  SHOULD Brian Campbell be the Florida Panthers next team Captain? he is very deserving of the Captain statues indeed with his career resume, but I have a strong belief that a Captain must have a great amount of chemistry with a team and I do not think Brian Campbell has enough yet.

Tomas Kopecky and Brian Campbell are 2 quality hockey players that know each other very well from winning the cup in 2009-2012 with the Chicago Blackhawks, I do not think either of them should be the Florida Panthers next team Captain, I still believe that they will be great leaders for this Florida Panthers team this season even without the Captain status.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of “An Alternate View” when I will state why I think Stephen Weiss or Ed Jovanovski should be the Florida Panthers next team Captain!

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