3 trades that will supercharge the Florida Panthers quest for a Cup

The Florida Panthers aren’t sneaking up on anyone this season, and they are just a few pieces from finishing what they started last June.
Dec 2, 2023; Ottawa, Ontario, CAN; Ottawa Senators left wing Dominik Kubalik (81) controls the puck
Dec 2, 2023; Ottawa, Ontario, CAN; Ottawa Senators left wing Dominik Kubalik (81) controls the puck / Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports
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Adam Henrique could realistically land on the East Coast

An ideal situation for the Florida Panthers would be to bring in Adam Henrique of the Anaheim Ducks. The 34-year-old is by far the best potential contributor on this list, and he’s been scoring and finding the net in roughly one out of every six shots on goal, good for a 16.1 shooting percentage. 

The issue here is that simply trading for Henrique with picks or prospects would put Florida over the cap. But the Ducks can remedy this by retaining 50 percent of Henrique’s contract. This gives Florida breathing room, and they will trade away two second-rounders, one in 2025 and one in 2026, a third in 2024, plus prospect Jack Devine, to at least rent Henrique for the rest of the season. Ideally, Anaheim will want a first that the Panthers don’t have, but if they want a quantity of picks, Florida still has them.

He can help the Panthers out in many ways, whether it’s to provide scoring depth, win faceoffs, or even play sound defense when they don’t have the puck. The only real downside to this trade is that if the Panthers dealt for Henrique, it would be tough to see them getting any more help at the deadline. 

That is unless general manager Bill Zito is able to move some players and more assets around. We will see if the Panthers can snag a prolific scorer like Henrique for the remainder of the season, if not longer, and perhaps he will prove to be the missing piece in Sunrise. 


(Statistics provided by Hockey-Reference as of February 9th, contract info provided by Cap-Friendly)