Florida Panthers Rebound With 6-0 Victory Over Ottawa Senators

The Florida Panthers have seemingly finally turned a corner in their late-season slump by demolishing the Ottawa Senators 6-0 on the road. With the vast majority of the regular season in the rearview mirror, have the Cats finally gotten their act together?
Florida Panthers v Ottawa Senators
Florida Panthers v Ottawa Senators / Chris Tanouye/Freestyle Photo/GettyImages

The Florida Panthers, fresh off a 6-0 victory over the Ottawa Senators on the road, look to close out the regular season with a return to form. What might lie in store for them in the coming weeks?

Welp, folks, it finally happened. The Florida Panthers not only won a game, but they completely annihilated their opponents. Granted, it was the Ottawa Senators (currently sitting at 26th place in the NHL's leauge standings), but it nonetheless felt good to see the Cats return to form a bit.

Matthew Tkachuk had a 3-point night against his brother's squad, and Sergei Bobrovsky is sure to have gained a much-needed boost of confidence as he tacked on his fifth shutout of the 2023-24 NHL Regular Season. Dmitry Kulikov even bounced back a bit, scoring a goal after basically singlehandedly conceding one off of a bad turnover in the previous game.

Anton Lundell returned to the scoresheet in tremendous fashion as well, scoring a beauty of a goal from behind the goal line.

This game was exactly what the Panthers and the Panthers' fanbase needed: a thorough routing of a not-entirely-terrible team to get hopes back up, eyes and heads cleared, and focus resharpened as the playoffs loom large on the horizon. Is this a sign of things to come? Very possibly. Is this a reason for the Cats to rest on their laurels and coast to the playoffs? Absolutely not. Any kinks in the hose should be figured out as soon as possible, in my opinion. No better time to do that than right now, in the five remaining regular season games (at the time of writing).