Florida Panthers’ Players & Owners Rally Together to Pay BB&T Part-Time Staff

As many owners across the sporting world have created programs to pay their part-time employees during this current break, the Florida Panthers have recently joined in on the act.

The NHL recently announced that they have put the 2019-20 season on hold as a result of the ongoing development of the coronavirus. The hope is to one day resume play and award the Stanley Cup, but when that will happen is something no one unfortunately knows.

Not only does this hiatus affect players and leagues across the sporting globe, but it also has an effect on employees who work for these organizations, primarily part-time staff and freelancers. With a lot of monetary uncertainty for these individuals, many organizations (and their owners) have started to create programs to help deliver pay for their employees during this break.

One of the very first to jump on this initiative was Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. Like the NHL, the NBA has also suspended play for the next thirty days, creating lots of worry and unpredictability among its vendors and employees. To help eliminate this worry, though, Cuban announced in an interview with ESPN’s Get Up that he will pay the team’s employees full wages throughout the next four home games, which would get them through to the month of March.

This past afternoon, George Richards of The Athletic tweeted that goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky was donating $100,000 to ensure that all part-time staff who work at the BB&T Center get paid during this break. His teammates have also rallied around him to match his donation, while ownership has committed to putting in the rest.

To see a smaller organization, like the Florida Panthers, step up and provide for its staff in a situation like this goes to show how much ownership cares about its loyal and conscientious workers that help keep the BB&T Center running for Panthers fans alike to enjoy and come together in.

During this time which is equally as hard for the players – as it is for the fans who are without their primary source of entertainment – that we remember to stay informed and united throughout this unfortunate epidemic.

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Stay tuned for more updates pertaining to the coronavirus and the effect it has on your Florida Panthers as well as the rest of the National Hockey League. 

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