Sochi Olympics: Barkov, Kopecky out for remainder of Olympics

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Florida Panthers’ fans, and fans of the hockey world in general have seen their worst fears come to life – as both players that were picked to represent their country at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi will not be able to finish the tournament due to injuries sustained in the tournament.

Alexsander Barkov, of Finland, was injured in his team’s game against Norway. He was ruled out earlier in the day with what Finland officials are calling a lower-body injury. No other details have been released, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t find anything out until he makes it back state side for the Panthers to take a look.

Tomas Kopecky was injured with a brutal hit, taking an elbow to the head from an opponent. After being hit, his head seemed to get sandwiched between the elbow and another opponent. He was obviously hurt and dazed after the hit, as him skating to the bench was hard to watch.

Obviously you hate to speculate, but it is the first thing to come to mind and in this case likely the most obvious answer – concussion.

Both have been rule out for the rest of the Olympics, but you have to wonder how this will effect their season with the Panthers. With Kopecky, head injuries are nothing to play around with and he will need to take his time to avoid any long term effects.

With Barkov, we will have to wait and find out more details on what kind of injury he suffered before a timetable is decided.

Be sure to continue to come back to The Rat Trick for continued updates on Barkov and Kopecky, as well on the Panthers when they continue their season.

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