NHL Network 2013 Pre-Season TV Schedule


The Nashville Predators and Florida Panthers, two teams you will not see on the NHL Network this pre-season. USA TODAY Sports

The NHL pre-season is the first taste of hockey for famished fans of the sport. The games may not matter but don’t tell that to the fans. After the long summer, hockey on TV is as valuable to fans as a water bottle is to a teenage girl irresponsibly rolling her face off at a Bassnectar concert. For those who cannot wait until the season kicks off in October, the NHL Network has you covered….well sort of.

The chances of finding a Panthers game televised on the NHL Network are akin to the chances of you going to a bar in sweatpants and having a girl walk up to you and hand you her number. In other words, it ain’t gonna happen. If your a Canucks fan your in luck, Vancouver for some reason is involved in six of the 22 pre-season games aired. Not that I would ever complain about the Panthers not getting any national TV love….but anyway, I’ll stop b****ing, here is the NHL Network’s pre-season TV schedule:

Sept. 147 p.m. ETWashington vs. Winnipeg
Sept. 156 p.m. ETPittsburgh vs. Columbus
Sept. 167 p.m. ETBoston vs. Montreal
Sept. 1610 p.m. ETSan Jose vs. Vancouver
Sept. 177 p.m. ETNY Rangers vs. Philadelphia
Sept. 1810 p.m. ETEdmonton vs. Vancouver
Sept. 197:30 p.m. ETToronto vs. Ottawa
Sept. 207 p.m. ETChicago vs. Washington
Sept. 214 p.m. ETColumbus vs. Pittsburgh
Sept. 217 p.m. ETToronto vs. Buffalo
Sept. 2110 p.m. ETVancouver vs. Edmonton
Sept. 225 p.m. ETChicago vs. Detroit
Sept. 237 p.m. ETWashington vs. Boston
Sept. 2310 p.m. ETPhoenix vs. Vancouver
Sept. 247 p.m. ETNew Jersey vs. Philadelphia
Sept. 2410:30 p.m. ETVancouver vs. San Jose
Sept. 257:30 p.m. ETPittsburgh vs. Detroit
Sept. 267:30 p.m. ETBoston vs. Winnipeg
Sept. 2610 p.m. ETNY Rangers vs. Vancouver
Sept. 277 p.m. ETPhiladelphia vs. Washington
Sept. 2710:30 p.m. ETNY Rangers vs. Los Angeles
Sept. 287 p.m. ETDetroit vs. Toronto