Introducing The Florida Panthers Mailbag


Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

August is almost history and the hockey world is primed to get the 2013-14 NHL season under way. In the coming weeks there will be all sorts of Florida Panthers goodness to consume. Until that time, we must continue to slog through the slowest weeks on the NHL calendar. Right now, the hockey news flow is about as consistent as Drake’s live singing, so we at The Rat Trick have decided it is the perfect time to launch our first ever Florida Panthers Mailbag.

What does this Panthers mailbag entail? Well, it will be an opportunity for The Rat Trick to interact with you, the readers by fielding and answering any questions you may have. The questions can be Panther/hockey related but we also encourage you to be creative and surprise us by going off topic. The main objective of this mailbag will be entertainment so there will be very few topics that are off limits.

You can email your questions to me, Pat McGrath, at my e-mail address:, with “Panthers Mailbag” in the subject line. The success off this endeavor lies in the hands of our faithful readers and hopefully we get enough response to get this mailbag off the ground. This is the first of what we hope to be many editions of the Florida Panthers Mailbag and if things go well we can make it a monthly or bi-monthly event here at the Rat Trick. Once the season gets underway there will be countless Panthers news that we will be happy to offer up our opinions on.

Again, you can send your e-mails with “Panthers Mailbag” in the subject line, to If e-mail is not your thing, feel free to connect with us through social media. You can follow us at our twitter account @FansidedTheRat or you can like our Facebook page, Fansided The Rat Trick.