Florida Panthers Schedule Released?


So the NHL was expected to release their 2013-14 schedule on Wednesday but apparently the league is still finalizing an agreement to send players to Sochi to compete in the Olympics so until that deal is completed the schedules will have to wait.


The Florida Panthers scheduled has seemingly been linked around the internet courtesy of Panthers beat writer George Richards. Well done George, well done. Here is a look at what might maybe possibly be the Florida Panthers 2013-14 regular season schedule:


Hmmm…this certainly looks official. There is a break scheduled from Feb 8th through Feb 26th right during the Sochi Olympic games which run from Feb 7-23 so that checks out. Yesterday, the Panthers announced their pre-season schedule with the last game taking place September 28th which jives with an October 3rd regular season start date.

So while this is not official, we can be pretty darn sure that this is what Florida’s schedule will look like, I have a hard time believing anyone is sitting around dreaming up counterfeit Florida Panther schedules to fool the internet with.

Once we hear an official word from the league, we will do an in depth breakdown of the Panthers schedule but for now just remember October 3rd is only 77 days away!