Scott Timmins Arrested For Breaking In And Passing Out


Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Florida Panthers’ prospect Scott Timmins was arrested Monday after he broke into a families house and passed out. Timmins was apparently drunk to a point where he was struggling to keep his balance. (Source) Timmins thought he was in his own home as refused to leave and eventually passed out on the couch. The house belonged to a man named Benjamin Garza who was not home at the time of the incident. If he was home, we could be talking about a much different story as Garza was quoted as saying, “You’re lucky I wasn’t here because I would’ve put a bullet between your eyes and it would’ve been over for you”.

Timmins woke up in a jail cell and had no recollection of being in the Garza household.

The 23 year old Timmins has appeared in one game for the Panthers this season while spending most of his time with the San Antonio Rampage. With the Rampage  this year he has played in 50 games scoring nine goals and seven assists.

Not to make light of a serious situation, but I can totally sympathize with Timmins here. Anyone who has ever had a bit too much to drink and woken up with a foggy recollection of the previous night can understand what Timmins must be feeling. I’m sure that when Timmins woke up in a jail cell with no clue what happened he must have had the ultimate, “Oh sh*t!! what did I do last night!” moment.