Fan Thrown Out For Looking Identical To Head Coach?


Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, the Panthers got pushed around by the Ottawa Senators. losing 4-0.  There were very few positives to take away from the game.  Dmitry Kulikov looked ill-prepared for the speed of the NHL, the offense looked toothless, players were taking lazy penalties and everyone just seemed generally exhausted.  The team looked as though they had just hitch-hiked from South Florida to Ottawa as opposed to flying on a private chartered plane.

In the midst of this malaise something amazing happened.  The broadcast called to our attention a man sitting behind the Senators bench.  What made this man so special was the fact that he looked identical to Senators head coach Paul MacLean.

According to, the man’s name is Mike Watson.  He was escorted out of his seat by ushers later on in the game.  Whether he was thrown out, or if he was simply moved to another seat is not known.  It sure looked like he was getting tossed from the game which raises the question, is that the first time anyone has ever been thrown out of a sporting event for looking too much like a head coach? I think it would have to be.

In a post-Manti world, one can never be too skeptical about sports stories.  It is possible that Paul MacLean is not even real and we are all being catfished.  Or maybe there is a house in Ottawa filled with Paul MacLean look-a-likes a la Arrested Development.  Whatever the case may be, way to go Mike Watson.  Thank you for adding some levity to an otherwise dreary Florida Panthers game.


The look-a-like did do an interview with Ian Mendes of Sportsnet who reported, “So the Paul MacLean stunt double isn’t trying to spoof the Sens head coach. Those are just where his company’s season seats are located.” (source) The shots of Watson being escorted from his seat probably have to do with him going to do an interview rather than being thrown out.