Stanley Cup Finals Game 6:Devils vs Kings: Devils Force Game 6


Yes, back again! I was so confident that the Stanley Cup would’ve been awarded to the Kings on Saturday but the New Jersey Devils managed to squeak out another win. The Devils always manage to come back at just the right time which is great for them, not so good for the Kings who seemed like they were going to win the Cup no problem.

Even though they probably won’t admit it, I think the Kings are feeling a little threatened by the fact that if they lose tonight’s game, there will be a forced Game 7. I think the pressure of the sweep that was put on them and then playing at Prudential Center in Jersey got to them. These games were not huge blowouts but rather New Jersey scoring a goal to take the lead at just the right time. The Kings lost their first road playoff game on Saturday. I hope that doesn’t mess with their heads but all they have to think about is now they’re home. Take advantage of that home crowd because you know they will be loud and supportive. Feed off it and just imagine how they will feel to witness their team win the Cup. The Kings need to focus more and not let any mistakes happen. You had 2 games where you could’ve ended this thing and now you have 1 more opportunity to take it so take advantage.

The New Jersey Devils should just keep threatening the Kings. Get on the board early will make them have to catch up. It might make them more nervous causing them to make more mistakes. The crowd will be loud so they have to try and block it out and focus on their game. Focus on getting shots to Quick and getting rebounds because most likely he will block or save the initial shot. The Devils need to act desperate; they know if they win this game, they are then 1 win away from winning the Cup. Brodeur has been playing out of this world so he will have to continue that if they want to force a Game 7.

LA Kings player Dustin Brown sums it up pretty good. “Is there pressure?” Brown asked. “Yeah, there’s pressure. It’s the Stanley Cup finals.” For both teams there is pressure, but the key is to ignore it and focus on the game.

Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals begins at 8pm and can be watched on NBC. Have fun watching!

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