My Fantasy World: 28 Days Later…


Due to my recent travels to Philadelphia for the 2012 Winter Classic, I wasn’t able to do my usual end of the month “Fantasy World” article for December. So instead I decided to change it up a bit and base my statistics off of the last 28 days.

So here is my top 12 Fantasy All-Star team recorded over the last month (28 days), all thanks to CBSSPORTS.COM

First Team

Pavel Datsyuk-C- Detroit Red Wings

As someone who has claimed that his performance earlier in the season has been anything but extraordinary, Pavel Datsyuk has certainly stepped up his game and become the player that his fans and teammates once remembered. Known for his incredible two-way ability, in just 13 games played over the last 28 days, Datsyuk has earned himself a remarkable plus 12 rating, along with 15 points (5-10-15).

Loui Eriksson-LW-Dallas Stars

Step aside Brad Richards! You are no longer missed; all thanks to the unstoppable well-rounded forward, Loui Eriksson.  The All-star winger has been a major asset to a streaky Dallas Stars team who sits just two points away from the 8th seed in the Western Conference. Over the past 28 days, he has given his fantasy users 80.2 points, which included 16 points (4-12-16) and an impressive plus 8 rating.

 Daniel Alfredsson- RW- Ottawa Senators

Over the past 16 seasons, this future hall of famer has been considered one of the most talented forwards in the NHL. For someone who just turned 39 years of age, the anything but ancient “super-star” Daniel Alfredsson was just named to the First team All-Stars for the 2012 “fan-voted” All-star game. He is currently captaining his team to a possible playoff birth. A team in which people didn’t even believe would make the playoffs this year. Over the past 28 days, he has recorded 17 points (7-10-17) and a plus 7 rating.

Erik Karlsson-D-Ottawa Senators

Hands down, without a shadow of a doubt, no questions asked, (you get the hint) that as of right now, Erik Karlsson is the best defensemen in the league. If you even try to argue with this statement, you need to stop what you are doing and log onto and look at league leaders. Putting aside fantasy statistics for the moment, Karlsson is comfortably sitting at the number one spot, leading ALL defenseman with 41 points (6-35-41), along with an impressive +7 rating. If you were to go by his fantasy league statistics, he has earned his users 111 points over the past 28 days after recording 16 points (4-12-16) and a plus 13 rating, which also places him at the top of the fantasy rankings.

Kevin Bieksa-D-Vancouver Canucks

When he is not sitting in the box for whatever stupid penalty he caused that night, or making crude remarks towards an opposing team, Kevin Bieksa can actually be that “essential” defenseman the Vancouver Canucks need. And recently, that is just what he has become. After a rather horrendous start to the season, Bieska and the Canucks have stepped up their game quite drastically. And by drastically, I mean they lie first place in the Western Conference and 2nd in the entire league. Bieska has earned himself 12 points (2-10-12) over the last month, a plus 6 rating, and has given his fantasy fans a whopping 96.0 points.

Craig Anderson-G-Ottawa Senators

I know some of you are looking at this name and probably scratching your head saying “What is this chick thinking?! Craig Anderson?!” Well the truth of the matter is, while statistically he sucks as far as Save Percentages and Goals Against Average goes, he has played more games than any goalie in the league (39) and has the second most wins (21) putting him at the number 2 spot amongst NHL goalies. The same holds true with the fantasy ratings as Anderson has won his last 8 out of 12 games played over the last 28 days. And if you’re a fantasy user, you know “wins” are the most important part of a goaltender in any league. He leads ALL players with 206 points.

Second Team

Jason Spezza-C- Ottawa Senators

With the Ottawa Senators soaring to the top of the Standings in the Eastern conference (Ranked 5th) and sitting just below Boston in the Northeast division with 52 points, it makes you wonder, who do you point the finger at and give the applaud? Even though all seasoned veterans for the Sens are having a notable season, none of them are quite on pace for career years. Although, 44 points so far in the season is still pretty impressive for 28 year old Jason Spezza. In the last 13 games, the Centermen, has recorded 14 points (6-8-14) with an impressive plus 9 rating.

Ilya Kovalchuk-LW-New Jersey Devils

Any friend of Alex Ovechkin’s, is NOT a friend of mine. But you have to hand it to him, Ilya Kovalchuk has been downright explosive over the past month. He has recorded 15 points (6-9-15) in jut 12 games played, giving Pete DoBoer and his New Jersey Devils hope at a possible chance to compete for a run in the playoffs. (The Devils currently sit 7th in the Eastern Conference).

Alex Burrows-RW-Vancouver Canucks

It seems as if the “gritty” forward hasn’t quite figured out that he could be of more use to his teammates if he spent most of his time on the ice rather than in the penalty box. At least lately he has been making up for the 30 penalty minutes he has served over the last 14 games by producing above average stats. The Canucks right-winger has put up helpful numbers in the last month by tallying 7 goals and 5 assists, aiding the Vancouver Canucks to the top spot of the Western Conference. While the coaches may frown upon the amount of idiotic penalties he takes, the combination of PIM’s and points gives fantasy users a helpful 84 points.

Dion Phaneuf-D-Toronto Maple Leafs

Well here is a shocker for everyone. And by shocker I mean I am NOT shocked at all. Everyone, please welcome back Dion Phaneuf to the top of the fantasy league standings, yet again.  The recently named 2012 All-star defensemen has been arguably the biggest asset to the Toronto Maple Leafs this season as he continues to lead his team to the top of the Eastern Conference (6th seed). In just 12 games played over the last 28 days, the Captain has tallied 10 points (4-6-10) and 25 penalty minutes to give him 87.1 points in the fantasy standings.

Dennis Wideman-D-Washington Capitals

To have the Washington Capitals defenseman (and former Florida Panther) Dennis Wideman anywhere near the top of my Fantasy list is just down right painful. But unfortunately, I have to give credit to where it is due. Over the last 12 games, “Wides” has tallied 10 points (3-7-10), a plus 4 rating, and is owned by 98% of the fantasy users that are using He has earned them 85.5 points over a 28 day period putting him in 4th amongst all fantasy defenseman.

Roberto Luongo-G-Vancouver Canucks

“Could you imagine if Luongo was still the Florida Panthers goalie?” Unfortunately, I still hear these words thrown around by numerous amounts of people. And the truth is, No, I couldn’t imagine Luongo still in Florida. Do you want to know why? Because we DON’T need him and his 12 year 64 million dollar contract, and we certainly DO NOT need his streaky tendencies. But luckily for Vancouver and fantasy users, he has been quite dominant over the last month playing 11 games and recording 6 wins with 2 shutouts.

Keep a look out for January’s Fantasy All-star team. These are a few I have in mind:

Henrik Sedin-C-Vancouver Canucks

Ryan Kesler-C-Vancouver Canucks

Curtis Glencross-LW-Calgary Flames

Jamie Benn-LW-Dallas Stars

Marian Hossa-RW-Chicago Blackhawks

Jarome Iginla-RW-Calgary Flames

Danny Boyle-D-San Jose Sharks

Erik Karlsson-D-Ottawa Senators (DUH!)

Drew Doughty-D-Los Angeles Kings

Alexander Edler-D-Vancouver Canucks

Pekka Rinne-G-Nashville Predators

Jonathan Quick-G-Los Angeles Kings

We’d love to hear feedback on who your fantasy picks for the month of January would be! Feel free to post them in the comment box below!

Thanks for reading! Any and all comments are greatly appreciated.

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