Let’s Paint The Town Red!


As we all know, the Panthers have their first home game this Saturday at 7:30pm against the Tampa Bay Lightning. So much attention has been put on this night because it’s the first night the Panther fans get to see their FULL new team live in action at the Bank Atlantic Center. We’ve already seen two games on tv, but it’s nothing like coming to your own house and playing in front of your fans.

This post is directed to you, the fan. The Florida Panthers organization has been a laughing stock to say the least for the last 10 years and pretty much since they’ve come into exsistence in 1993. One main reason is because when other teams come to OUR HOUSE, it seems as if they’re the ones that are louder than us Panther fans and have much more passion… embarassing. I’m here to say that this needs to end this season.

During the magical stanley cup season, South Florida was crazy for hockey. South Florida had passion and excitement for their Panthers, and the players clearly responded. “The Year of The Rat” as we like to call it. I believe South Florida can have an even bigger fan base than that magical run, if we get people excited about this team. But where does this all start? It starts with the fans.

Over the last five or so seasons, the Florida Panthers have been ranked in the lesser half of average attendance per game stats. Since the 06-07 season, the highest the Panthers have ranked in average attendance is 22nd. Thats pitiful. I understand the common misconception about why there are no fans, it is because, “This is a football town”, “The Miami Heat have the BIG 3”, “It’s football season GO Hurricanes!”. I hate to break it too all you fans, but the Dolphins are currently 0-4, the Canes aren’t so good and there is no basketball season. This is the best thing that could’ve possibly happened to the Panthers organization. This is where the fans have to respond.

"“From the first day I went to a Panthers game, I fell in love and have been in love ever since. I don’t know any reason why someone wouldn’t want to support such a great team like the Florida Panthers”. -Tanya Sullivan, Panthers fan since the 1996-1997 season."

Ever since I became a fan, I’ve loved every minute of it. Our job as fans is too get people excited about the Panthers. Tell a friend, invite someone to a game, get them excited. I would have to say that almost every person that goes to that stadium comes away saying how great the game was or I can’t wait to come back again. I would know, I actually worked at the Bank Atlantic Center. The thing that has to happen is that there has to be more PANTHER fans at the game. I’m sick and tired of hearing “oles” from Canadian fans all night long whenever they come here. It’s our turn to rise up as fans and get our butts to the games. There hasn’t been as much excitement for a Florida Panther team in a while and we better see those seats filled with Panther fans. we need to get loud and excited not just to be crazy, but too get the team excited and pumped up too see a stadium of 17,000 Panther fans cheering their names. It is up to us too support this team with every breath he have. With every ringing of the cowbells, with every breath of air we blow into our horn. If we expect the Panthers to give everything they’ve got, we have to do the same. Dale Tallon put the product on the ice, it’s our job to support them and shut up the critics about how this town isn’t built for hockey. So lets all wear our red on Saturday night and cheer on our beloved Florida Panthers all season long!

I hope too see all of you at opening night and further on into the season. Thank you for reading mine and all the other posts and don’t forget to comment and tell a friend! Make sure to like is on Facebook! Remember to also follow the entire Rat Trick team on Twitter! Me  @davidbub_2 . Frank Rekas @therattrick.  David Lasseter @davidlasseter , Josh Luecht @joshluecht, Patrick McLaughlin @PatrickRattrick, Scott Mullin @ScottFMullin, and Cameron Tahernia @Lord_Panther. God Bless and hope too hear from you soon! WE SEE RED!