REDlines: Loss Proves One Thing: We Lost. September 30th


Today’s music video on Friday Flashback takes us all the way back to 1972 for Led Zeppelin for a live performance of Immigrant Song.

Put your sharp object away kids.  Knives, forks, circular saws.  It’s totally not necessary.  Yes the Florida Panthers learned last night that everything is big in Texas, including preseason loses.  The key word in that sentence is preseason.  These games mean about as much as that algebra pop quiz you might be taking today.  Oh, wait…sorry, you should probably to your best on that.  First things first here.  The lineup in front of goaltender Jose Theodore who I admit did not appear to have his best game, was missing some key ingredients.  Brian (Soupy) Campbell, Tomas Kopecky, Sean Bergenheim, Jason Garrison and Stephen Weiss.  Not to mention an injured Mike Santorelli.  Point is, we didn’t have our best in front of our goaltender.  Ever try to pitch without your best fielders?  Every try quarterbacking without your best receivers?  Same thing.  Also, the Jacob Markstrom bandwagon?  Easy with that one.  He gave up five goals a week ago, and then shutout Dallas in half a game making 10 saves.  Can you really admit to yourself that he’s ready for a number one spot?

Jose must improve, and if you don’t think he knows that, think again.   He’s not in the habit of giving up seven goals a game very often, unlike some other goaltenders. (Luongo).  And at least Jose is doing it in the preseason.  Yes that was a potshot!  Take it from someone who hates losing more than he likes winning, I know the Panther players aren’t happy.  Imagine what that plane ride home was like.  This is not like your Florida Panther team of the past, and you will see a turnaround.  The Panthers have one week of practice to get it together.  A time to bond, a time to familiarize themselves with each other, and work on the things that they need to.  You all knew that this would take some time, and when you have a new coach, 11 plus new players, training camp is used for preparation, and learning.  Am I happy we were blown out?  No.  But you know what?  It will make this team better, and make them focus.  Let’s not forget that Crash and VERSTEEG (STEEGER) narrowly missed scoring in the first period.  Had they connected you don’t think this game turns out differently?

Preseason to me is meaningless.  Get the kinks out, look at your “bubble” players, and trim your roster down.  Now the work begins over the next seven days.  The first measuring stick is 10 games.  If we aren’t any better than 2-7-1, then we can start grumbling.  Until then, grab a hold of yourselves people.  It’s nice to see that finally you don’t accept losing.  Welcome to the club.

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