REDlines: Is It All About The Money? August 4th.


Today’s music choice on New Releases Thursday is Vomit by Girls.  I’ve been hearing this every day for the past couple weeks when it came out.  It moves slow in the beginning, so give it a chance.

As reported all over the internet yesterday, defenceman Shea Weber was awarded the biggest arbitration decision in the NHL.  A $7.5 million dollar award that could possibly create a situation in Nashville that Florida Panther fans might remember with Roberto Luongo about six years ago.  While I’m not about to rehash that drama (Orland Kurtenblog does a good job here), you can’t help but wonder if the animosity between the two sides is beyond repair.

It’s an very awkaward situation when this happens between the player and the team.  Weber’s camp gives the judge all the reasons why they think he’s worth what they’re asking.  In this case Weber’s side is asking $8.5 million dollars for the Olympic Gold Medal defenceman, who is only 25, was a Norris Trophy candidate this season, and is only going to get better.  The Predators meanwhile must delicately state why he’s worth (only) $4.5 million.  This happens to be a pretty substantial difference between the two sides, and would appear to be a low ball offer by the cash strapped organization.  The good thing about the NHL decision process is that it’s not one or the other.  Comparable NHL defenceman like Duncan Keith , Brent Seabrook and Dion Phaneuf were most likely used as the measuring stick.  Nashville now either agrees to the award, or walks away.  By the way, Weber isn’t eligible for free agency till the summer of 2013 giving even more time for this situation to get ugly between the two.  In most cases the player gets traded away as the two camps never really seem to be able to mend fences.  If Nashville walks away from this they’ll not only alienate their fans, but other players as well.  But I do have to ask, knowing the financial instability of the Predators, was it necessary to ask for $8.5 million? Although that playoff beard Weber sported was worth a couple million alone!

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