Girl Causes Panthers-Hurricanes Game To Be Cancelled!

Tropical Storm Nicole. Source:

Not really a girl, but the name of one anyway.  Tropical Storm Nicole, that is expected, or not, to arrive sometime Wednesday, or even Tuesday night (hopefully after my softball game) will prevent the first home exhibition game of the season from being played.

Feeling that it’s in the best interest of the players and fans, the Florida Panthers organ-eye-zation has decided it would be safer not to play the game.  They will however hold a practice at the “Bank” on Wednesday, so I guess the teams’ safety isn’t really being considered afterall.

If you have tickets, you’ll get to exchange them for a regular season game instead.  The Panthers do look forward to seeing everyone on Friday night when the Cats get hit by play the Tampa Bay Lightning.

It was brought to my attention by another FanSided writer that this is a potential cover up staged by the Panthers.  That the teams in the Southeast Division other than the Washington Capitals don’t really matter.  Could be true, but considering the source of the rumour, a fan from Philadelphia who is still pissed about losing the Stanley Cup to Chicago, I’m not sure how much of it I want to believe.  But hey, it makes for good chatter right?

Please do not consult this site for anymore weather updates.  Although similar to most meteorologists, I’ll be either be right, or wrong.

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