Beat Up? Get a Big Mac!

No, not one like this.

One like this:

In an effort to add their own version of Truculence, Pugnacity and Testosterone (like the Leafs), the Florida Panthers have claimed forward Steve MacIntyre off of waivers from the Edmonton Oilers yesterday.  Big Mac if you recall was signed as a free agent in July 2008 by the Panthers and had a fairly decent training camp, however ended up being waived and picked up late in September by The Oil.

Not known for his grace and scoring prowess, Big Mac will spread his special sauce on anyone who becomes too aggressive with our Panthers, and be the chosen one to stand up for the team and retaliate for any such behavior by the opponent.  It appears that the Panthers realize that they need to play with more sandpaper such as has been displayed by both Victor Oreskovich and Kenndal McArdle since their call up from Rochester.  However those two supply energy and are not here to drop the gloves, it will be Mac’s duty to be the policeman for the team.

Randy Sexton Panthers GM was recently quoted as saying “We want to play grittier and wanted to upgrade the toughness on our team”.  Mac who is 29 years old has accumulated over 200 penalty minutes or more in seven different seasons in the minors, will be assigned to Rochester to get himself some fighting playing time and then be called up.  Mac is a 6 ‘5″ 250 lbs, and has no problem dropping the gloves.

Based on players like this who the Panthers have had in the past, will he follow their behavior?  Play 5 or 6 minutes a night, spend 10 or more minutes a night in the box?  Have a couple fights, take a dumb penalty or two at a crucial time. 

The guys in the dressing room will say that, “He’s a good guy to have around”, “He creates space for our other players”.  “Now the other team will have to look over their shoulder”. 

We’ve heard this song before, and the real question becomes, how long before Big Mac does something to piss off Peter DeBoer, and gets himself traded for the cardboard carrier for my 6 pack of Molson Canadien?

Time will tell if he indeed makes a difference.  Let’s keep in mind however Panther faithful, this is only a part of what ails the Panthers problems.  This will not get us into a playoff spot.  Let’s not lose sight of the fact that we still lack a goal scorer and our defence is atrocious.

Speaking of defence, the expericment of Ville Koistinenenenen at forward is over.  He will now see if he can somehow break in on one of the defensive parings.  With this move, I must change the nickname of said player from The Foreigner to ” The Stripper“, as he has been a really big bust! (get it?)

Thanks for reading.