Panthers Playing Like Kittens


Don’t question me when it comes to this team.  I said yesterday that I smelled another loss and guess what, the Kitty Cats did not dissappoint as they lost their second game in a row to the Ovechkinless Washington Capitals.

Taking most of the blame and rightly so was Panther Goalie Scott Clemmensen who gave up 7 goals, with 5 coming in the third period.  I’ll bet he thinks he’d rather be with New Jersey right about now, as he’s plaing about as much as he would there, just not getting the same results.  It’s never a good sign when a goalie starts looking behind himself is it?

I must remind you that going into the third period the Panthers were leading 3-2.  That’s right leading going into the third, but the ghost of Uncle Jack and the prevent defense, or the we’re playing not to lose credence crept into the minds of the Panthers yet again.  There is no doubt that the Capitals are a much more superior team than the Panthers, and must have known that if they could find a way to get the lead back, they could break Florida down.

5 goals in the third including 2 by Tomas Fleischman and the first of his NHL career by Mathieu Perreault, which marks another player getting his first goal of the season against Florida, led the charge.  Washington smelled an opportunity to pounce on Florida and they did just that.  Friday night they played desperately.  Saturday night they played tenaciously.  Hmmm…… Another word that the Panthers need to look up in the dictionary.

Once again the Panthers are last in the NHL for shots against, averaging 35 per game.  The PP (short for piss poor) came into the game as the 4th worst.  The PK was second to last, with Toronto being the worst at this point.  Special teams are obviously a problem.  To make matters worse the Panthers are only averaging 2.53 goals per game.  Putting way too much pressure on this wonderful defensive system they are playing.

The Weasel was -2 for the game and is a snappy -8 for the season with a whopping 4 goals after 15 games.  He had no shots on goal in over 19 minutes of play, or should I say ice time.  His pathetic display of defence against a younger player, Mathieu Perreault, allowed the rookie to get his first goal as Stevie Wonder attempted to chase him from behind the net, but to no avail.  Ok, big sentence coming:


On the plus side which isn’t alot, Dmitry Kulikov got his first NHL goal and Victor Oreskovich picked up his first NHL point with an assist on Kulikov’s goal.  Since being called up from Rochester, Oreskovich has played as hard as anyone displaying energy and a willingness to get his nose dirty.  Looks like this kid’s going to stick.  Kendall McArdle also picked up an assist as he is making the most of the minutes that he’s being given.

Once again the Panthers who had a real chance to build on a winning streak have reverted to what they are.  A very below average team, that can’t score enough goals to keep pace with their opponent.  Things need to change and they need to change fast.  I’m not going to blame injuries as everyone suffers through them.  Some of the veterans on this team need to take charge, and step up their game.  Unless of course we are witnessing the best that they can play.  Speaking of injuries Soup took a shot to the face in Saturday’s game and left and did not return.  We do not know if he’ll miss any time because of it.

The Panthers are off till Thursday when they go to Beantown and begin a bunch of games for the balance of the month.  Time for some soul searching and time for Randy Sexton to start working the phones.  The roster as it is just isn’t good enough.  Take a look at this roster.  Does anyone honestly feel that it’s a playoff team?  With the exception of Steven Reinprecht who is probably playing way over his head it’s not impressive.

I’m also getting tired of seeing coach DeBoer with that look of constipation on is face after every loss.

Thanks for reading.