Monday Morning Reading. Kulikov, Martin, UGH!!


A new week, a new beginning, yet another mess to clean up for the Florida Panthers.  Obvioulsy the talk of the town is the collision between David Booth and Mike Richards on Saturday night.  How long Booth is out remains to be seen, but here’s George Richard’s take on it in today’s Miami Herald.

George also talked out David’s release from the hospital with Randy Sexton and David’s parents.  Seems like a couple different reactions here doesn’t it?  Also in the body of this article is talk of sending rookie defenceman Dmitry Kulikov back to the minors.  Two thoughts on this: 1) Staying here playing for a losing club with no balls, is probably not a good thing and will do absolutely nothing for his confidence.  2) Going back to juniors allows him to escape this environment, work on his game, and next year, hopefully be ready.  We’ll watch this story as it develops in the next 24-48 hours.

AS you know Mike Richards is not getting suspended.  Here’s Broad Street Hockey’s coverage on that.

Interesting article on how players in the NHL have grown  by James Mirtle

Think we have it tough here in Florida?  Toronto has yet to win.  Here’s Truculence is Everything’s view after Toronto lost to Vancouver on Saturday night.

Maybe the goalie tandem in Chicago of Antii Niemi and Uncle Huet is going to work.  Read Blackhawk Up to get the latest on that situation as Huet shuts out Nashville in Chicago and was the game’s number one star!  Thank god I still have the Blackhawks to follow.

Craig Anderson, just keeps rolling along.  Wouldn’t believe it if you told me this was going to happen. Check out Mile High Sticking as the Avs beat the Wings.  Now here’s another team (Hawks) that has youngsters that can play.

The Panthers are not the only Florida front office with issues.  Here’s Bolt’s by the Bay venting some of the same frustration that I have, and will probably continue to do until things get straight. 

If you’re looking for me to take sympathy with the Panthers, you can forget it.  With Saturday night’s showing, I am prepared to say that if things don’t change soon, and I mean by this coming weekend, you can blow this thing up.  Please Randy Sexton, make a trade for a real Hockey Player.

Last but not least, I could not pass up the opportunity for this story over at scarlet ice about our old friend Uncle Jack.  While it was written last week, I am sure we can all appreciate the sentiment.

Thanks Jacques for screwing this team for the past three years, and for the next couple.  You had no fucking business being a general manager.  How soon before we see this in Montreal?

Thanks for reading.