From Depressed to Delighted!


How do I go from this:

to this:

Easy.  Follow another team besides the Panthers.  Like  most people who live in Florida, I was born and raised elsewhere.  Chicago for those of you who may not know.  I was a Blackhawk season ticket holder for 11 years and saw an awful lot of Hockey. While I was attending those games, the Hawks made the playoffs EVERY season.  Sometimes they went pretty deep into the playoffs and sometimes not.  Once they challenged for the Stanley Cup.  I saw some great players and some great battles.  Monday nights game at the United Center reminded me of a game against the Edmonton Oilers  in the late 80’s where the Hawks were getting their ass handed to them and losing 4-0.  They eventually came back and won with the final score being 6-4.  I thought I had seen one of the great comebacks in NHL history.  Until this game.

As the Florida Panthers were scratching and clawing (not really) trying to beat the Tampa Bay Lightning in a game that they could have won but didn’t, the Blackhawks were making one of the most dramatic comebacks the NHL has ever seen.  Matter of fact it was only seen once before when the Montreal Canadiens came back from a 5-0 deficit to beat the New York Rangers in February 2008, 6-5.  Interesting point: Cristobal Huet  who started in goal for Chicago was in net for Montreal in relief of Carey Price.

The Blackhawks are fortunate to posses some very talented players who also have something that the Panthers seem to be lacking.  Character and heart.  This Hawk team never gives up, keeps battling and they have a good time doing it.  Go to their website (here) and check out some of their videos.  They’re pretty funny, but you can also see how well they get along and what a tight knit bunch they are.  As for the Panthers, well let’s just say that they’re holding the stick a bit tight right about now and not sure of anything.

So while I was depressed that the Panthers had lost their 4th in a row, and the Blackhawks were about to lose and lose big against the Calgary Flames. My original favorite NHL team found a way to fight back and never give up, and win  in what could turn out to be the game of the year.  Watch all the crazyness here:

The Florida Panthers should watch that video.  Maybe they’ll find something in it that will inspire or spark them.  Right now they are not a very good team.  You can blame jet lag and the horrible travel schedule  of the preseason all you want.  This team needs to learn how to win, and how to fight back.  I don’t know if they can. 

Oh, and by the way, on the Blackhawks winning goal, who do you think was on the ice?  Yes, your former superstar (not mine) defenceman Jay Bouwmeester.  How’s that for karma?