Jun 30, 2013; Newark, NJ, USA; A general view of the stage between picks during the 2013 NHL Draft at the Prudential Center. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Dale Tallon Shopping First Overall Pick Is Great Move

For the fourth time the Florida Panthers have landed the first overall pick in the NHL Draft. They took Ed Jovanovski in 1994 and then traded away the pick in 2002 and 2003.

Exploring all of his options, General Manager Dale Tallon has been shopping around the team’s first overall pick in the upcoming draft.

“I definitely will [shop the pick], especially this year,” Tallon said.

While last year’s draft was one of the deepest in a decade, this year isn’t believed to have the top end talent of its predecessor. Sam Reinhart, Aaron Ekblad, and Sam Bennett are the top three prospects in this draft, and while they will be solid players in the NHL, it doesn’t appear that Tallon thinks there is a marquee ‘franchise’ player among them that hanging on to the first overall pick is an absolute necessity.

One of the biggest early speculations has been a swap with the Edmonton Oilers, moving them up to number one and sliding the Panthers to the third pick as well as adding a position player (Jordan Eberle is the most common name, though I’m not sure the first overall pick is worth a swap and a 30-goal scorer).

Tallon would be irresponsible if he didn’t at least look to see what he could get in return for the first overall pick. Trading three out of the four first overall picks in team history wouldn’t be a popular move, but moving forward they can’t look at what they did over ten years ago.

If the Panthers can add a solid NHL-ready player and stay in the top six then I don’t see why they shouldn’t explore further on trading the pick.

It is interesting though that he is ‘shopping’ the pick, and not ‘fielding offers’ (there is a difference). At this exact current moment, I believe that the team’s need is too vast and one player – even the first overall pick – won’t fill one need enough to make up others. If they can use the pick to improve in several areas, I’d pull the trigger in a heartbeat.

What are your thoughts on Tallon ‘shopping’ the pick? Do you agree with trading the pick? What would your expectations as far as a return?

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  • SarcasticBugger

    The top five picks are all comparable players. A GM would have to be insane to give up ANYTHING to change which one of the five they end up with. The Panthers will be overpaid if they get a thirty goal scorer in a straight up exchange for the pick.
    I guess that it’s okay to dream though… maybe Pittsburgh will send Crosby, Malkin and their first round picks for the next few years in exchange for this year’s first overall.

    • DBrenn24

      No need for sarcasm. The #1 pick has value to a team need a defens(c)eman. We need ALL positions and can gladly trade out to pick up a winger to a team deep with “O”. Maybe Ebrle would cost too much. How about a Yakupov or even a lesser Gagne? It’s by far the best for our franchise to solve 2 wing spots with one draft pick.

      • SarcasticBugger

        No need for sarcasm? That’s just plain nuts. There’s always need for sarcasm.

      • Timmy

        Gagne straight up for the first overall would likely fly, although I doubt Tallon would go for it.

  • Camera Mike

    I agree that Tallon should listen to any and all offers as the Panthers have many holes to fill and it doesn’t cost a thing to listen. However I do not think the team should trade the pick no matter what just to fill multiple holes. If the right trade comes along that allows the cats to stay in to top end of the draft and get either a goal scorer or veteran that can provide leadership and mentor the younger players (something that was sorely lacking this past season) then I say pull the trigger. Otherwise use the top pick to fill one hole and then use the extra money Vinnie Viola is willing to spend to fill other gaps through free agency or post draft trades.

    • DBrenn24

      I think you trade down to #3 if you get one of 3 wingers (in order) Ebrle, Yakupov, or Gagne and maybe a defensive prospect. We don’t need Ekblad as much as we could use a top 2 line winger and a top wing prospect drafted @3. I’m still curious what (1) coach wants to be here and (2) what decent FAs will join in.