Will He Score 20? Panthers Edition

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Its a Monday, there is not much happening in the hockey world, and I am bored…so lets play a game. The game is called: “Will He Score 20 Goals?” and it is very simple. I will take a look at individual Florida Panther players and try to determine the probability that they eclipse the hallowed 20 goal mark in the upcoming 2013-14 season.

First, lets talk about why 20 goals is an important achievement. Scoring 20 goals in the NHL is like being nominated for a Golden Globe, while not as prestigious as an Academy Award (which would be more akin to scoring 40 plus goals) it is still something you put on your resume. Scoring 20 goals in a season does not mean you are going to be a superstar but it is usually an indication that you are a top-six forward. It is like being named employee of the month at your job bagging groceries. The owner is not likely to walk in and hand you the keys to his grocery store empire but you could be well on you way to a promotion to assistant manager.

People who write about hockey love to talk about how many times a player has hit the 20 goal mark because it provides a way to measure a players prestige and success without actually doing much research. Without having seen any of the movies in question, I can argue that Tom Hanks has had a more illustrious acting career than Richard Gere because he has seven golden globe nominations to Gere’s four. The same goes for hockey where sight unseen I can conclude that Alex Ovechkin is a better player than Stephen Weiss because Ovechkin has eight 20 goals seasons to Weiss’ four.

So now that we have a feel for the importance of the 20 goal season, lets play a round of Will He Score 20 Goals??

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