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Ten Ways to Occupy Yourself During the NHL Lockout

The lack of hockey being played due to the NHL Lockout has resulted in many fans with a large time void to fill.  Hockey fans used to spending hours watching and following their team and the league are finding themselves with hours upon hours of free time.  How can fans fill their NHL time void while at the same time get their hockey fix?  Fear not hockey fans!  I present to you the ten best ways to occupy yourself during the NHL lockout.

1. Sign up for an Adult League:

There is no better way to reaquaint yourself with why you loved hockey in the first place than actually playing getting out on there on the ice and playing.


If you are of age and it is a beer league, you may be able to get inebriated to a point where your precieved skill level makes you entirely forget about the NHL.

2. Get started on that winter to-do list:

You can no longer use “I want to have an authentic viewing experience” as an excuse not to change the screen door.

3. Become a bookie at your local rink:

If the stakes are high enough nobody will care whether they are watching Sidney Crosby play or your eight year old son.

4. Become a youth hockey coach:

The rivalries that develop between Team Orange and Team Blue are sure to be way more intense then those between the Bruins and Canadiens.  Also, there are no fans as passionate or intense as parents.


Combine numbers three and four from above and you could become the Pete Rose of your local youth hockey league.

5. Work on your playoff beard:

The playoffs may never come this year and even if they do, your team may not be competing in them but if a season actually happens and your team makes it, you will be ready with a killer jungle of facial hair.

6. Film your family for four weeks then add your voice as narration a la 24/7: Road to the Winter Classic:

The Winter Classic may have just been canceled but with enough practice you will be able to perfect your Liev Schreiber impression and in doing so add some much needed drama to your everyday life.

7. Get into Jazz and Poetry:

Two things that are just as confouding as the owners and NHLPA’s inability to get a deal done.  Perfect for any NHL fan.

8. Follow your favorite teams AHL affiliate and prospects:

This you should actually really do.  It offers a great glimpse into your team’s future and there is nothing more exciting and rewarding than watching a young talent develop into a bonafide star.

9. Get into a fist fight in public:

Tell the cops that you blame the NHL lockout for depriving you of your on ice violence fix.  If the officer sympathizes he may only have you sit in his cruiser for 5 minutes as punishment for your transgression.

10. Watch SportsCenter:

Their lack of NHL coverage during the lockout will be reminiscent of their lack of coverage during the Regular Season and Playoffs.

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