September 12, 2012; New York, NY, USA; NHLPA executive director Don Fehr (center) during a press conference at the 2012 NHLPA summer player meetings at the Marriott Marquis. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-US PRESSWIRE

NHLPA Responds To Offer Withdrawl

The NHLPA responded to the NHL’s Offer Withdrawl which can be seen here.

Reading and reviewing what is going on here is very disappointing to a fan of hockey.  The players seem to feeling that the owners want them to give, give, give.  The owners want to take, take, take what has been worked on the last decade or two.

What is also complicating matters…

While the players continue to give in on some items – what is a major roadblock, and I totally agree with this one…  the owners want players to renegotiate existing contracts.  Not all contracts would need to be re-done as some are very economical and sustainable.  However, we all know there are some contracts with ludicrous amounts of time and money attached to them.

I strongly believe that the NHL and NHLPA knew that the lockout was going to happen due the economics of the league being so severely damaged throughout the years, that the mess is going to take alot of time to be resolved.

I am an advocate for throwing out all contracts, and the time associated with them.  Players that signed contracts with their current teams would have the opportunity to negotiate new terms that are amicably acceptable to all parties involved.  Remember:  the league wants to take the salary cap back down to $59-60 million.  In a past article, I mentioned there are sixteen teams that would be above this amount.

Also, you have the contracts of players that were signed over this past summer that took into account what the salary cap was while the last Collective Bargaining Agreement was in place.  The salary cap for this season was $70.2 million.  I blame everyone for not putting a halt to all the signings and negotiations.

It is going to take alot of time to resolve and negotiate an economic model that takes care of the mess….  once and for all.


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