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NHL Economics are Broken - Part One

Do you ever feel like you’re watching a real life drama play out?  I do… and, I am sure alot of other people in the world of hockey believe the same.

The latest that came across on my phone this afternoon was that Gary Bettman stated he will not meet with the NHLPA as he sees no meaningful reason to get back to the tables in New York City and Toronto.  There apparently is no movement in each others position that would warrant it.

Gary Bettman needs to be fired for allowing the owners to have their say in the economics of the NHL?  Who owns the teams?  Fans sure don’t, and we don’t count.  We are just angry that we spent money on being a Season Ticket Member (or tickets for individual games), and cannot spend more money during the season on food, tickets, and merchandise.  We are also angry that we don’t get to see our favorite players.

Moving to the players… Donald Fehr went on record as saying they are not greedy, and it was a publicity stunt by the NHL to get the public to turn against them.  He did this after talks broke down last week.  Players actually liked the idea of the 50-50 split?  Really?!?  Then, why was it reported three different methods of achieving it were shot down?

I strongly believe the NHL really has no reason to share the revenue with the players.  If this were a corporate business, and the players were actually considered employees… reality would sit in very fast.  Most corporations do not share the revenue and profits with their employees.  What do they do with it?  They re-invest it to make their team better for the future so they can compete in the marketplace.  I believe team owners need to be able to be able to do this also.  What makes people think the players are entitled to be rich, while owners subsidize other teams that are losing money? The last time I checked there are teams that are constantly losing money year after year.  This is not right.

The economics of the NHL are truly broken.  It must be fixed for the long-term survival of the NHL, teams, owners, arena employees, and fans.

Part two will follow soon as I will explore why all parties are to blame for this mess.

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