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The Power Of Social Media In The Sports World

Social Media has changed the world immensely. Some people think the change is for the better while some do not.  Utilized the right way, it can actually be not only fun, but a way to promote a team or an event in a quick and easy way.

Let’s take Twitter for example. All teams have an official Twitter page run by the organization to promote games or events and get people “jazzed” for games. This is an excellent way to get information out quickly to a large number of fans. Your team just acquired a new player? Chances are you’ll find out first through Twitter. Most news now is almost immediately posted to Twitter so people can easily find out information. Sometimes you’ll even see a team give out prizes on Twitter for fans that can correctly answer trivia questions. It’s all part of getting people to embrace social media while sharing the love of a sport together.

Not only that, but players themselves have Twitter accounts. This is great for fans and players to interact with one another like never before. Players are no longer inaccessible and remote but can actually respond directly to fans. Plus, fans get to see what a player does during his or her off-season and get a sense of a player’s personality through what they share on Twitter. For a fan, Twitter is a great opportunity to share opinions and feelings about a particular game, or player. They can share stories or even have a friendly debate about their team with someone. You can even end up making some great friends on Twitter just sharing your love for the game. I have met so many great friends through Twitter because we all have a passion for our Florida Panthers.

YouTube is another really effective social media tool. Without it, we wouldn’t have videos that go viral for hilarious reasons like this John Tortorella remix  or cute reasons like Johnathan Quick’s daughter stealing the show during a press conference. Or just the videos that have you in awe over how talented the people that make them are, like this one. These videos become so popular because of social media and how it makes everything so accessible.

Social media is a powerful tool that can have a very positive effect in our lives and the sports world. Now you just have to ask yourself: what will it be like in 10 or so years from now?

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