December 15, 2011; Raleigh, NC, USA; Vancouver Canucks center Ryan Kessler (17) against the Carolina Hurricanes at the RBC center. The Hurricanes defeated the Canucks 4-3. Mandatory Credit: James Guillory-US PRESSWIRE

Is It Time For Mike Gillis To Lower His Trade Demands On Roberto Luongo?

News out of Vancouver today isn’t good if you’re a Canuck Fan.  First of all Mark Messier who played for the Canucks from 1997 to 2000, and very unhappily I might add, was awarded $6 million dollars by an arbitrator for a grievance against the Canucks for money that he was owed.  Messier will be paid all in U.S. dollars for his victory.  The details of the settlement are explained in an article by Brad Zeimer of the Vancouver Sun. Messier who had a Hall of Fame career was bought out of his contract after two years, but as you’ll read the situation was quite sticky.

On top of that, Ryan Kessler who had surgery on his shoulder and wrist this off season, is not “on schedule”, and may not be ready to play for the Canucks until December.  This leaves Vancouver very thin up the middle with Henrik Sedin being the only top six center on the team, and making them vulnerable for more offence.  This could be why the Canucks have shown recent interest in signing free agent Shane Doan to help fill the offensive void.

Does this specualation/evaluation of Kessler and his return from surgery now change the way the general manager Mike Gillis handles the Roberto Luongo situation?  With Gillis wanting both a current roster player(s) and a future prospect in addition to a draft pick, as well as a goaltender, this makes you wonder if that philosophy has changed.  I find that the longer Gillis keeps his demands at this same level, the more difficult it will be to make the Luongo trade.  It would appear that with this recent news, Gillis no longer holds the upper hand, and will almost have to lower his demands in order to obtain NHL ready players, and rid himself of a goaltender that doesn’t want to be there anymore.

There has been no new news on the situation here in Florida, or Toronto for that matter.  However I expect things will heat up in light of what has recently transpired.  Regardless of whether the asking price comes down or not, I am still 100% against the trade. 

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  • Bob

    Good thing its Kesler not Kessler

  • SunshineStates

    Lol? Sources for all of your article? First of all, Gillis has always been eerily quiet when it comes to trades. Information has never leaked on a trade, in fact, there’s never even been rumors of a trade he made. So how all of a sudden did you determine the asking price for Luongo? Roster player, pick, prospect, back up goalie? Lol. If the massive amount of media members in Vancouver don’t know what the asking price is, how do you? There’s been ‘speculation’ about Bjugstad, but this speculation comes from a random sports writer for USA today. The Canucks have zero affiliation with USA today. Repeat, no one in Vancouver media knows the asking price. That tells us all we need to know.

    Secondly, how does he ‘have’ to lower his asking price? You do realize he doesn’t have to trade Luongo, right? Luongo signed a decade+ long contract w/ Vancouver. Gillis has stated from the beginning there’s a good chance both goalies are in Vancouver next yr. Scheiders agent affirmed the same thing. So why would he trade his valuable goaltender if his asking price (that none of us know) is not met?

    Thirdy, Kessier? Oh my, pretty much says everything we need to know about you.

  • Tobias

    To be perfectly honest with my impression, this story is a joke. Like SunshineStates said, Gillis has no “obligation” to lower his asking price – we don’t even know what it is in the first place. Then there’s Messier – that’s not even Gillis’s problem, it’s going to be dealt with by either the Aquilinis or even the old owner, McCaw (which of the two, nobody but the Canucks Organisation actually knows). Also … Kessler. Haha. Had to chuckle at that one. There’s no harm in speculating, we’re all just fans here, but the least you could do is get your facts straight beforehand.