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Five Songs I'm Tired Of Hearing At Hockey Games.


Music.  I love it.  All kinds.  Well most kinds.  Depending on the mood or situation I can listen or handle most anything, and feel that I have a pretty diverse ear.  Of course you all know my love of Bruce Springsteen, and honestly, he is the best.  However,  I draw the line at country.  Well, some country is ok.  But most of it is sad, depressing, and disturbing.  You know the songs that I mean.  The car breaks down, the girlfriend or wife leaves, the dog won’t chase after the stick, and the one where they sing about being broke and having no job.  Yea those.

In arena music is something that I pay attention to, and while I don’t expect to like everything, I also know that there are a few songs that I never want to hear during a hockey game.  Either because I’ve heard them enough, they have no place, or it just doesn’t fit the situation.  I know that there’s certain songs to play after scoring a goal to juice up the crowd, killing a penalty, and getting a chance on the power play.  Mood.  Setting the mood is what we’re aiming for right?  For me, and with a little help from a friend or two, here’s some music, I never want to hear again…..video included.

First up is YMCA by The Village People.  When I pulled this video up on YouTube there were more than 26 million views.  Fantastic success for this group.  I know it’s got a good beat, and it’s danceable, and it gets the crowd going, but please.  We’re at a hockey game.  It’s run it’s course, and unless you’re stuck in 1978, there’s other music to choose from.

The second choice is More Than A Feeling by Boston.  One of the very first concerts I went to as a young lad was Boston.  This song had taken the nation over by storm in the mid 70’s.  They opened the concert with this song to a sold out crowd at the old Chicago Stadium.  10 songs later, they closed with it. Sigh.

Third, and this one comes from my good friend David Lasseter and I completely agree is Rock and Roll Part 2 from Gary Glitter. Almost every city plays this, and it’s getting very, very tiresome to hear.  Plus isn’t he, or wasn’t he in trouble with the law for some very lewd and disgusting behavior?

Fourth, and this one even includes a “training” video for the song, The Chicken Dance.  Now I realise that we are trying to appeal to the kids once in a while, and maybe grandma and grandpa, but for goodness sakes.  There are a zillion other songs to play that will get your elbows flapping, and your feet moving.

Last and I’m sure not least is Kung Fu Fighting.  If you notice a pattern with the music that I’m talking about…. there is one.  These songs are old!  Very old in some cases, and it would sure be nice to become a bit more hip or even trendy if I dare say the word.  With so much music out there, and with so many different types of songs to choose from, I’d like to hear some fresh music.  Granted there are some old songs that are good, and deserving of some play time, and maybe in another post I can refer to those, but these songs here seem to just make my skin crawl when I hear them.

Mind you, no offence to whoever makes these selections at various arena’s, including the Bank Atlantic Center, but I will admit that when watching a game, some of the best tunes seem to come from the following cities:  Detroit, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, Los Angeles, and Nashville.

All I’m asking for is a little subtle change, and to get rid of some of the old, worn out, overplayed music.  Even though many times it’s just a quick 30 seconds or so, I’d rather have silence.

Agree?  Disagree?  Anything I may have left out?  Tell me.

 Thanks for reading.  We welcome your comments and opinions.

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