"While The Men Watch" Women Discuss Their Boyfriend Of The Game

The women of The Rat Trick speak! Make sure you check out Gabby’s opinion on While the Men Watch along with Amanda’s tomorrow!

I actually wrote an article a little time ago about A Female Perspective of Sports discussing how women can be a hardcore sports fan. I discussed how men shouldn’t judge women right off the bat seeing them at a sporting game because some are truly there for the love of the sport. Now, we have CBC airing a show that involves 2 wives discussing who their “Boyfriend of the Game” would be along with how the players look, and other pointless things. It just is playing into the stereotype that women only watch sports for the attractive guys. I thought we were starting to move away from that stereotype and it is just instigating it once again.

I think these women think they are connecting with women all over however after game 1 or 2 of this show, it will get very old. It seems the women claim they pick out things in a game, guys don’t notice and of course talk about “boyfriend material” players. Now, of course all of us women have those players picked out. However, I don’t need to hear random women’s opinions of who they think is attractive after every game. We have our own friends for discussing those things.

One thing that strikes me is who will be the audience of this show? Obviously not men. Obviously not women who are hardcore sports fans. So women who aren’t sports fans? I’m pretty sure they could be doing better things with their lives. I don’t think anyone will really be interested to hear what these 2 women will say about each player each game. I think the only reason people will watch the first show is because it sounds so ridiculous and people are interested. After that, it will get boring, old, rather pointless. I understand women wanting to connect and talk with other women but let’s have a blog, a chat room, or even a meeting of women somewhere but not something broadcasted on national TV for everyone to watch. This show has received an incredible amount of press attention and criticism but in all honesty, it won’t last long. I have a strong feeling the show won’t last and will be quickly taken down. Women can discuss anything they want when it comes to sports but let’s keep it in our own private lives especially when it comes to issues so trivial like attractiveness and makeovers.

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