April 24, 2012; Newark, NJ, USA; Florida Panthers defenseman Erik Gudbranson (44) and right wing Kris Versteeg (32) celebrate Versteeg

Fun With Awards! Who's Your Favorite?

It has only been 1 week since Florida Panther hockey but it already sems like it’s been much longer. To help pass some time, I thought it would be fun to answer some questions about our team! Remember in high school, students would be nominated for superlatives? Well, that is kind of the idea here. Frank and I came up with a list of “superlative” categories and you get to nominate 1 player per category. You can repeat the same player for different categories.  The player with the most nominations will win and a later article will be posted with the winners! Comment in the comment box below with your nominations!




Best attitude

Best offensive player

Best Defensive player

Most hardworking

Most underrated

Most sportsmanlike

Most dedicated

Best Leadership

Best Smile

Best Mustache

Best Beard

Worst Teeth

Funniest laugh

Best Hair

Worst Hair

He needs a mouth guard

He needs a hair cut

Thanks for reading. Write your answers in the comment box!

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  • caitlinchris

    MVP – Campbell
    MIP – Gudbranson
    Best attitude – Ellerby
    Best offensive player – Fleischmann
    Best Defensive player – Campbell
    Most hardworking – Skille
    Most underrated – Matthias
    Most sportsmanlike – Campbell
    Most dedicated – Madden
    Best Leadership – Jovonovski
    Best Smile – Kulikov
    Best Mustache – Theodore
    Best Beard – Garrison
    Worst Teeth – Weaver
    Funniest laugh – Skille (and I’m admittedly biased)
    Best Hair – Campbell
    Worst Hair – Santorelli
    He needs a mouth guard – Weiss
    He needs a hair cut – Versteeg

  • PeejLewiz

    MVP- Jose Theodore

    MIP- Erik Gudbranson

    Best Attitude- Tomas Fleischmann

    Best Offensive Player- Tomas Fleischmann

    Best Defensive Player- Mike Weaver

    Most Hard Working- Marcel Goc

    Most Underrated- Marcel Goc

    Most Sportsmanlike- Brian Campbell

    Most Dedicated- Marco Sturm

    Best Leadership- Ed Jovanovski

    Best Smile- Marco Sturm

    Best Mustache- Erik Gudbranson

    Best Beard- Jason Garrison

    Worst Teeth- Mike Weaver

    Funniest Laugh- Shawn Matthias

    Best Hair- Jose Theodore

    Worst Hair- Mike Santorelli

    Needs a Mouth Guard- Stephen Weiss

    Needs a haircut- Kris Versteeg

    Best Looking- Sean Bergenheim (Oops did I add that one on my own? Ha!)

  • davidbub_2

    MVP Brian Campbell. MIP Dmitry Kulikov. Best Attitude- Flash. Best Offensive Player Flash. Best defensive player- Mike Weaver. Most Hard Working-Mike Weaver. Most underrated- Sean Bergenhiem. Most sportsmanlike- Brian Campbell. Most dedicated- Marcel Goc. Best Leadership- Jovo. Best Smile- Erin Boyle haha. Best Mustache- Gudbranson. Best Beard- Garrison. Worst Teeth- Stephen Weiss. Funniest Laugh- Kulikov. Best Hair- Sean Bergenhiem. Worst Hair- Kris Versteeg. Needs a mouth guard- Versteeg. Needs a haircut- Versteeg.

  • kelsey1344

    MVP: Stephen Weiss
    MIP: Erik Gudbranson
    Best attitude: Keaton Ellerby
    Best offensive player: Sean Bergenheim
    Best defensive player: Erik Gudbranson
    Most hard-working: Mike Santorelli
    Most underrated: Tomas Kopecky
    Most sportsmanlike: Tomas Kopecky
    Most dedicated: Stephen Weiss
    Best leadership: Ed Jovanovski
    Best smile: Kris Versteeg
    Best mustache: Stephen Weiss
    Best beard: Jason Garrison
    Worst teeth: Shawn Matthias
    Funniest laugh: N/A
    Best hair: Jason Garrison
    Worst hair: N/A
    Needs a mouth guard: Jason Garrison, so his teeth stay straight :)
    Needs a haircut: Stephen Weiss

  • daraross

    MVP Weiss
    Best attitude Santorelli
    Best offensive player Flash
    Best Defensive Player Campbell
    Most Hard Working Skille
    Most Underrated: Weaver
    Most sportmanlike: Kopecky
    Most dedicated: Weis
    Best Leadership: Jovocop
    Best Smile: Garrison
    Best Mustache: Gudbranson
    Best Beard : Garrison
    Worst Teeth: Matthias
    Funniest Laugh: Weaver
    Best Hair: Upshall
    Worst Hair : Versteeg
    Needs a Mouthguard: Matthias
    Needs a haircut : Versteeg

  • Franpar

    MVP -Theo
    MIP- Gudbranson
    Best Attitude- Elerby
    Best Offensive Player- Flash
    Best defensive player- Weaver
    Most Hardworking-Kopecky
    Most Underrated- Flash
    Most sportsmanlike- Cambell
    Most dedicated-Kopecky
    Best leadership-Bergenheim
    Best smile- Garrison
    Best mustache-?
    Best beard-Jovo (gray)
    Worst teeth- Weiss
    Best hair-Jovo (touch of gray)
    Worst hair- Versteeg (always greasy) and stop chewing your mouthpiece while playing, you’re going to get it jammed down your throat.