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The Day After: Panthers Dig Hole They Can’t Climb Out of In Philly

After coming back from a 2-0 in their last outing Sunday night against the Ottawa Senators, the Florida Panthers once against spotted their opposition a 2-0 lead, this time to the Philadelphia Flyers on Thursday. Then it was a 3-0 lead….then a 4-0 lead. When the final horn had sounded, the Panthers were staring a 5-0 loss in a pivotal road game straight in the face.. The only good thing coming from this game is that there is another one coming up on Friday to wipe it from memory quickly.

Rather than discussing this game, let’s all listen to the Blind Boys of Alabama sing the theme song to the greatest tv show ever to grace the airwaves, The Wire. It will certainly be far more productive than discussing this game. Let’s hope Friday’s game is far more worthy of a detailed recap.



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  • jguelmes

    I knew from the beginning they were going to lose, i think the farther they get in the season the more intimidated they get…they have lost to teams they have beaten before. the idea of playing and not score at all is something that has me concerned as their place in the playoffs. I hope I am wrong, but I just don’t see it happening and it saddens me because they were finally beginning to get recognition as a respectable team. Let’s see what happens tonight with the Penguins.