Saturday Song Of The Week: New Bruce Springsteen!

A new Bruce Springsteen album will be released on March 6th titled The Wrecking Ball.  This song We Take Care Of Our Own is the first single from the album, and if you ask me I think it’s a winner. It seems like classic Bruce with just enough angst mixed in with the right amount of passion.  The music flows pretty smoothly as well.

Tour dates have been announced and for us South Florida residents the closest he gets to here is Tampa on March 23rd.  He’ll start the European leg of the tour on May 13th in Spain and will run through July 31st where he’ll finish up in Helsinki, Finland.  After that I would imagine he’ll add some more U.S. dates with either Fort Lauderdale or Miami as his stop.

For a full review on the upcoming album check out the review in Rolling Stone magazine.

Thanks for listening.

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