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REDlines: New Look, All-Star Draft, FanSided Friday.

Happy Friday!  No, your computer isn’t broke (mine is however).  This is a new look and layout for our site that will eventually be transitioning to all of our FanSided sites over time.  I hope you like it, and I know it will take a little getting used to.  One big change is the “Hub” section to your right.  That area will consist of video’s, Tweets, quotes, and links of interest.  It will change on a daily basis, and could change more than once or twice throughout the day.  Go and take a peak.  You might find one of your Tweets in the tweet section.

The blogroll has moved down on the right next to the related sites section.  click on that for all the other sites we like you to visit.  You can still leave comments for us on each and every article, and you can also sign up for email notifications.  Take a look around, get used to it and hopefully enjoy our new and fresh look! More on this later.  Friday links after the jump!


* Joey the Junior Reporter flirts with Heidi Androl.  Love this kid.  Puck Daddy.

George Richards fills us in from Ottawa.  On Frozen Pond.

* Panthers trade Tim Kennedy for Shawn Sullivan.  Sun-Sentinel.

* Here’s the draft pick by pick.

* The last pick Logan couture was a good sport about it.  Backhand Shelf.

* Seems like the drat strategy was to keep countrymen together.  Globe and Mail.

* Tim Thomas avoids questions about his White House Snub.  TSN.CA.

* The New York Times looks at the science of hockey.

FanSided Five:

* Bored?  Cardiac Cane has some suggestions for you.

* Flame for Thought Looks at All-Star Games, past and present.

* Someone had writers block.  Oil On Whyte.

* A positive look at the Montreal Canadiens.  A Winning Habit.

* A Look back at Tampa Bay’s All-Stars.  Bolts By The Bay.


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