David Kreci Scores A Shootout Goal. Source: Joe Rimkus Jr. Miami Herald

Night Time Reading. The Empty, Angry Feeling Of A Shootout Loss

There’s not much about the game of hockey itself that I don’t like.  I can virtually watch any game, anytime, no matter who’s playing, and no  matter what the outcome of the game means.  Sure I think the trapezoid should be eliminated, and that silly delay of game call for when a player attempts to clear the puck out of his zone, and it goes into the crowd.  You know the one which always happens at the least opportune time?  It makes me nuts.  I’ve come to tolerate those so called “rules”.

The one rule however that makes me absolutely insane is the dreaded shootout.  At least in it’s current format.  My basic definition of this rule is that the game ultimately gets decided by a skills competition.  Now I understand that we want to see someone win the game, and that ties leave you with an empty feeling, but this rule needs to be adjusted or thrown out altogether.  Think about it…. two teams play 60 minutes, and then after a five minute scoreless overtime, it comes down to the shooters with the best moves, or the goalie with the best saves.  Some of it is highlight quality like this shootout goal by Patrick Kane earlier this year.  Most of the time however my team is on the losing end of the deal as was displayed Monday night when the Florida Panthers lost to the Boston Bruins.

Frustrating, aggravating, and empty is how you feel when your team loses in a shootout.  Sure you feel differently when you’re on the winning side of one, but then you also have the disgruntled feeling that the team you beat was able to wrestle a point out of you.  Monday night’s shootout loss is still a loss, even though the Panthers picked up a point and were able to get themselves back on top of the Southeast Division.  I’d hate to have our playoff hopes ruined from a game like this as they were just a few years ago when we failed to make the post season due to one too many shootout losses.

I hope the NHL reviews this part of the game.  Whether the overtime goes to 10 minutes of four on four, or after the first five minutes they change to three on three.   I’m not sure what the solution is.  I’m what you’d call a purist when it comes to the game of hockey. I hate this rule, and would love to see it go away.  Does baseball end in a tie?  No they’ll play 22 innings if they have to in order to decide a winner.  What about basketball?  No. So why should hockey?

Figure out a way to determine a winner that doesn’t involve spinnaramma’s, head fakes, and moves a player would never make during the course of a game.

Thanks for reading.  How do you feel about shootouts?

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