Saturday Song Of The Week: Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol is a band that has been featured here many, many times.  Fronted by Gary Lightbody, the group who are based in Galsgow, are a critically acclaimed alternative rock band, and has enjoyed commercial  success in both the U.K. as well as North America.  The major change in their success was their switch in record labels in 2003 when they released Final Straw, which sold over 3 million copies worldwide.  In 2006 they released Eyes Open, which saw the hit single Chasing Cars propel their fame even more selling over 6 million copies worldwide.  They have sold over 10 million albums worldwide.

Their sixth album release is titled Fallen Empires, and they are preparing to go on tour this year to promote that album.  The band appeared on Late Night with David Letterman earlier this week.  Here is their live performance of the new hit single from the album, Called Out In The Dark:

The very first song I heard from this band was called Run.  You can see the passion in the way Gary sings, as well as in the lyrics.

Thanks for watching.

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