New Year's Resolution: NHL Edition

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Well Panther fans, it’s a new year today, and with a new year comes new resolutions.  Throughout the world, people are making pledges to themselves to accomplish something worthwhile in 2012.

NHL players are no different!  They have their own shortcomings that they need to improve this year, and here are only a few players that have something to work on.

Dustin Byfuglien – Lose Weight

Coming into this year, rumors were percolating that Winnipeg Jets defenseman was coming in at least twenty pounds overweight to training camp.  When his “standard” weight was listed at 269 pounds, Byfuglien, whether it was true or not, was staring 300 pounds right in the face during the summer.  It appears he is back around his usual playing weight, but some analysts are still upset that his largess is slowing him down on the ice.  So even if 269 is his standard body weight, that’s probably too high anyway.  Byfuglien should eat some celery and drop a few.

Entire Sabres roster – Be more aggressive

Milan Lucic got national attention for his collision with Sabres’ goalie Ryan Miller earlier in 2011.  But another big story was how little his teammates appeared to stick up for him.  Miller sounded disappointed in his team for letting Lucic off the hook on the ice for that shot on the goalie, and it made analysts take a hard look at the Sabres roster.  Where are the tough guy enforcers on the Sabres to prevent those types of plays?  They didn’t have one on the ice, and both the Sabres’ and Ryan Miller’s performance has spiraled downward since the event.  If there’s one thing the Sabres need to do, it’s to put a board in their back and stand up for each other.

Sidney Crosby – Be less active

Somehow, the NHL is surviving this year without star Pittsburgh Penguin Sidney Crosby.  But it would be nice for him to return.  Crosby has been sidelined with a concussion since almost exactly a year ago, and his attempts to return have exacerbated his condition.  Somehow, doctors are going to have to break through with a treatment, or else we might lose Crosby for good.  I suggest sitting in a dark room and doing nothing for two months.  Somehow it will be worth it.

Entire Blue Jackets roster – Pick up a hobby

It looks like Columbus will have a lot of free time this summer, so they should probably collect stamps or lower their golf score or something.

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