Saturday Song Of The Week: Red Rain.

Peter Gabriel one of rock’s legendary performers has been around the music scene for a very long time.  Originally as the front man for Genesis, Gabriel left the band in the mid ’70’s and embarked on what turned out to be a very successful solo career.  His first four solo albums were uniquely titled “Peter Gabriel”.  However his fourth album was titled Security for it’s U.S. release at the request of Geffen Records.

Gabriel remains one of the most prolific songwriters and musicians that many of us know.  I stumbled “literally” across today’s song, a live performance of Red Rain (one of my favourite Gabriel tunes) on Later with Jools Holland the other night, and thought that it would be a perfect song to post.  I know it’s not quite the rock and roll version you may be used to, but the actual performance of Gabriel and the orchestra behind him deserves a look and a listen.  And by the way, this performance is current.

Enjoy Red Rain live as Peter Gabriel performs with the New Blood Orchestra:

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