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REDLines: Panthers Look To Get Rid Of The Cute.

Today’s music video is Lasso by Phoenix. 

Tuesday night’s national broadcast on Versus would have led you to believe that this was the same Florida Panthers team that you’ve been watching the last 5 years or so.  The “bonehead” comments from the Versus staff were flying left, right, forwards and backwards.  For a brief moment as I had to listen closely to make sure I wasn’t watching Penguins’ television as it was so lopsided.  That being said, the Panthers performance against Pittsburgh wasn’t horrific,  but it was sloppy, with some unnecessary fancy sprinkled in.

The Panthers showed how fast and talented that they are.  Their speed is going to work to their advantage on most nights, but their over usage of stickhandling and dipsy do’s were a bit much Tuesday.  For a road game against a powerful and talented team like the Penguins, all the Panthers needed to do was play it simple.  Too many “cute” passes, too many “cute” moves, and far too many tricks.  I’m not going to rehash what we all know, as it’s been said by everyone.  The Panthers and coach Kevin Dineen know what they have to do.  I read it somewhere yesterday and I don’t know where, but in practice head coach Kevin Dineen was working on getting the “cute” out of their game.  Rightfully so.  While this team has some talented players, they can’t forget what they need to do to be successful.  If they can play the puck possession style to it’s maximum erriciency, then they’ll minimize the oppositions scoring opprtunities.  With a few days to work on things, and a day off today, the Panthers should come out flying for their home opener on Saturday against the Tampa Bay Lightning.  Oh, and whoever is still reading the Jim Hulton powerplay playbook, just throw it out.  It ends the same in every section.

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News around Sunrise:

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Join Randy Moeller as the Florida Panthers hold their first “Panthers Live” tonight in North Miami.

Opening night Meet and Greet:  Meet the Rat Pack after the first and second intermissions in our normal spot at the Budweiser Terrace on Saturday night.

Reminder:  Save the date!  Our first ever Rat Trick Road Watch  is Monday October 24th against Montreal.  Click here for details.  We expect to see you!

Around the NHL:

Today we focus on fun stuff!

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