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Flying With The Jets Or Are We Crashing?

This offseason Gary Bettman brought back hockey to Winnipeg by turning the Atlanta Thrashers into the Winnipeg Jets.  On sunday we got to see the Winnipeg Jets make their return but after all was said and done, no memories were carved from the Winnipeg Jets season opener, if anything nightmares were carved.

The Winnipeg Jets lost to the Montreal Canadiens 5-1 in their return to Winnipeg, putting up a total of 31 shots while the Montreal Canadiens put up a total of 22 shots on goal.  While I was watching this game I noticed something, and that was that the Jets looked confused early in the game, they were star struck they just were not playing good hockey, it was too bad that when the Winnipeg Jets finally got comfortable it was already too late.  Their were many reasons while I think the Winnipeg Jets faltered in their season opener and one of the most important I think is, young goaltender Ondrej Pavelec.

Put yourself in Ondrej Pavelec’s shoes, he is a young goaltender who is just getting his footing in the NHL when all of the sudden his team gets moved from Atlanta to Winnipeg, and now he has to adjust to a new city that is not even in the United States.  So now Ondrej Pavelec must get ready for opening day in a new city in front of a new fan base, and almost all of the NHL has their eyes on the return of the Winnipeg Jets, wouldn’t you be nervous if you had to go threw all of that?  I do not blame Ondrej for the Winnipeg Jets loss, I did not expect the Jets to win for the very reason of nerves. The situation for the Winnipeg Jets is a lot like someone who has been in one school for a long time, you are used to the routine, the atmosphere  and the people.   Then all of the sudden you get transferred to a new one and you do not know what to expect or what It will be like and the the first day comes along or in the Jets case opening day and nerves run through you, but after a while you get used to it and I think that will be the same case for the Jets, they just need to adjust, and then we will see their true face.

Now what do I expect from the Winnipeg Jets this season? not a very impressive season my issue with this team is they have no depth at all, no one to support Andrew Ladd, Evander Kane and Dustin Byfuglien.  The Winnipeg Jets is also unsure in my mind, Ondrej Pavelec has a lot of potential, but I do not think that potential will be released this season because of the new city jitters along with I do not think he has the best team in front of him.  I think that the Winnipeg Jets will get off to a rocky start but once they settle in, then we will see what this team is really made of, and maybe this team may have a few surprises in store for us.


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