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Around The NHL In 30 Days: No Love For The Bullies.

The city of brotherly love.  The Broad Street Bullies.  Take your pick and or pick your poison, the Philadelphia Flyers are a team that most opponents love to hate.  Myself included except for that brief time when my favourite player Jeremy Roenick skated for them.  I’ll never forget this goal by JR in what was an outstanding playoff performance for him.  Beyond that, I don’t like the Flyers.  I suppose I might if I lived there.  The brand of hockey that is their “tradition” however is something that is appealing.  Hard nosed, tough, physical and fast.  I kind of like a player or two of theirs.  Claude Giroux and…….well that’s about it.  There are some players that I don’t like such as Chris Pronger (except if we had him), and Jaromir Jagr.

Eugene Markman our Philadelphia Flyers lead writer at Broad Street Buzz gives you his outlook on the team here. The Flyers have had their own major roster change as Eugene starts out with this:

“Who the hell is that guy?’ That’s going to be the question most fans will be asking once the puck drops on the regular season. After a major roster overhaul, a ton of of familiar faces are gone, with new ones in their place. What was clearly a top contender for the Stanley Cup, is now a team whose fate is really up in the air.  With that, lets look at whose gone, whose here, and what lies ahead.

One thing I have to say is that many people are wondering about the chemistry here in Florida with all the new players that have been acquired.  When you take a look at the dressing room in Philly, how can you not have the same concerns? Do you really see Chris Pronger, and Jaromir Jagr getting along?  What about all the new faces? Eight in total.  Won’t they have to mesh with each other?

Another thing I’d want to add is can goaltender Ilya Bryzgalov live up to the contract that he signed as the number one netminder that the Flyers have been searching for as long as the Panthers have been looking for that prolific scorer?  He has played in virtual silence in Phoenix the past couple of seasons.  He will now find out what it’s like to feel the “heat” from the Philly faithful.

Tomorrow we’ll have the Pittsburgh Penguins as they look to start the season without star Sidney Crosby.


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