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Around The NHL In 30 Days: Calgary Flames

The writers here at the FanSided Sports Network are now on day four of our NHL season preview.  I’d like you to skate over to each of our sites daily and see what our talented hockey writers have to say about their teams’ upcoming season.  Remember, we’re all fans and we have high expectations for our team, and previews are what they are…..previews.   It will be interesting to see what the gang here has to say about their respective clubs.  Will the Washington Capitals finally challenge for the Cup, what will happen to the Boston Bruins as they try to defend their championship, and can the Vancouver Canucks survive the “heartbreak” of losing in the Finals.

Today Ryan Agnew from Flame For Thought talks about a team who’s culture has also changed and a team that is in a real dog fight for a playoff spot.  A few new faces combining with some old one’s has the dedicated fan base in Calgary itching to get back to the top eight.  I’ve always like the Flames.  They play a good old fashioned North American style and have one of the best captains in the game…Jarome Iginla.  My question is can Jay Bouwmeester finally prove that he’s worth his fat contract, or will he go down as another over rated ex- Florida Panther?

Ryan talks about the biggest weakness for the Flames this upcoming season:

Based off what we saw at the end of last season, Calgary certainly has the potential to work their way into a playoff spot, maybe 7th or 8th. That will largely depend on the team’s ability to stay healthy. A lot of the guys they’re heavily depending one are not getting any younger; guys like Jarome Iginla, Alex Tanguay, Olli Jokinen and Miikka Kiprusoff, who are all over 30. There’s not a lot of depth in the farm-system should the Flames get bit by the injury bug.

If you’ve not watched too much Western Conference hockey, this is one team that is usually pretty entertaining, and has one of the most passionate atmosphere’s for home games.  But like Ryan will tell you in the rest of his preview, everything has to click just right.


Next up on Monday will be the  Carolina Hurricanes who just missed the post season last year.

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