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REDlines: I'm Tired Of It. August 26th.

For today’s music video on Friday Flashback we go to a live performance in 1979 by one of the greatest “party” bands around,  the J. Geils Band and their performance of  One Last Kiss.

The Florida Panthers, for as much excitement as there has been, the air seems to have been let out of the bag for a bit, and the promise of the upcoming season has taken a back seat to the constant put downs via the media.  Some of it is understandable, yet some of it is puzzling and done without real research.  Sure, the Cats have much to prove, and most likely more than any other team entering the season.  I wish that instead of reading about how all the changes that had to be made, could be positive, the pundits continue to say that there’s been no improvement.  I guess some people are only happy when they talk negatively.  I used to be one of those people regarding this organization.  My tune has changed as you know, because I see what’s happening, and know it takes time.  Until we see the results of the changes, it’s time this team gets a chance first before people spew their negative opinions.  I’m prepared to see some good things this year for a change and not about to let the pontificates ruin it for me.  If you’re going to be negative before the season even starts, I’ll steal a quote from Tom Petty….”Don’t come ’round here no more.  We’re tired of it.

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News in Sunrise:

Kevin Allen has a list of 10 players who will make an impact on their new teams.  One Florida Panther defenceman has made this list.  USA Today.

The Florida Panthers make another list where the lack of respect just keeps on keeping on.  Pegasus News.

Energy Team tryouts for the Florida Panthers are today.  Team Website.

Around the NHL:

There’s a new sheriff in the NHL.  Former player Brendan Shanahan is ready to take over as the league’s new boss of discipline.  TSN.ca.

NHL.com puts Steven Stamkos at the top of their Best Under 21 list.

John Schultz from Blackhawk Up with a very appropriate photoshop for this time of year.

Howie Rose and when he became inspired to become a sports announcer.  Remember his “Mattaeu, Matteau” in 1994?  New York Islanders.

More insight on the death of Rick Rypien.  NY Times.

Tomas Vokoun was signed to be the number one netminder in Washington, Michael Neuvirth isn’t going down without a fight.  Pro Hockey Talk.

Breezy is looking to backstop the Philadelphia Flyers to a Stanley Cup.  Globe and Mail.

Another episode of Hockey Guilty Pleasures, and yesterday’s guest was Mike Halford and Jason Brough from Orland Kurtenblog.  Panther fans will like his assessment of former defenceman  Jay Bouwmeester.

Justin Bourne on the NHL’s slow process of taking concussions seriously.  Better late than never.

Sid thanks everyone for their support, but give no timetable for his return.  CBC Sports.

Finally, as some of you may know the Baltimore Orioles have been my favourite baseball team since I was 5 ( avery long time ago).  Former pitcher Mike Flanagan was found dead earlier this week in an apparent suicide.  Baltimore Sun.

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