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Sunday Conversation: Having Fun With Trades.

In today’s Sunday Conversation I decided to do a little experiment.  What if we (Florida Panthers) could trade for one player from each team, who would that player be? I suppose I’m playing a little bit of general manager here as I look at building a roster of 29 26 players.  In doing so I found out a few interesting facts with my selections.  There is only one European player.  There are only two goaltenders, and I picked four players that will probably make you scratch your head and ask why. I may not have picked the best player on each team, and a few thoughts went into my process before making my selections, but I think I’ve built a pretty decent club here.  Imagine if we iced this bunch?  Obviously if money were no object, that would be one issue we’d not have to deal with.  I know, I’m short some defenceman, but, the idea was to trade for one player on each team.

The choices after the jump.

First let’s start with the West:

The Western Conference:

Anaheim:  Ryan Getzlaf.  Calgary: Curtis Glencross.  Chicago: Jonathan Toews.  Colorado:  Matt Duchene.  Columbus:  Rick Nash.  Dallas:  Brenden Morrow.  Detroit:  No one.  I despise the Red Wings.  Edmonton:  Taylor Hall.  Los Angeles:  Drew Doughty.  Minnesota:  Cal Clutterbuck.  Nashville:  Shea Weber.  Phoenix:  Shane Doan.  San Jose:  Logan Couture.  St. Louis:  Chris Stewart.  Vancouver:  Are you kidding?  I hate this team and anyone that plays for them!

The Eastern Conference:

Boston:  Nathan HortonBrad Marchand.  Buffalo:  Ryan Miller.  Carolina:  Jeff Skinner.  Montreal:  Carey Price.  New Jersey:  Zach Parise.  New York Islanders:  Matt Moulson.  New York Rangers: Brandon Dubinsky.  Ottawa:  Nick Foligno.  Philadelphia:  Claude Giroux.  Pittsburgh:  I can’t.  Just can’t.  The dislike I have for this team runs very deep.  Tampa Bay:  Steven Stamkos.  Toronto:  Dion Phaneuf.  Washington:  Alexander Ovechkin.  Winnipeg Jets:  Andrew Ladd.

Some brief explanation on a few picks.  Obviously if you’ve read any of my work on this site, the choice of Chicago Blackhawk Captain Jonathan Toews (Captain Serious) should come as  no surprise.  His skill, his work ethic, and his leadership are second to no one in the league right now.  I actually challenge you to prove that someone else puts all that together as good as he does.

Why Curtis Glencross and not Jarome Iginla?  You need some grinders, and Glen X is one of the best, and he can score too.  Jarome is in the twilight and while I really think he has some gas left in the tank, I like the sandpaper that Glencross brings.

Cal Clutterbuck?  The name. Of course.

There are a bunch of talented players on Boston, but I went with Brad Marchand simply based on his gritty playoff performance in 2011.  If he keeps that up, he’s the kind of player that you can really get behind.

Nick Foligno?  The son of former Buffalo Sabre Mike Foligno, too hard to pass up on his pedigree.  With these four, there’s not shortage of grit and snarl, with a little touch of goal scoring.

As for no picks from Detroit, Vancouver and Pittsburgh, as you know those three teams are my three most hated teams.  No way I can pick anyone from there.  Sour grapes?  Maybe, but this is my article.

How about you?  Any players you disagree with?  If so, who’s your pick instead? Click on the comment tab above and let’s talk.

Thanks for reading. We welcome your comments and opinions.

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