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REDlines: NHL Examines Support Programs. August 18th

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Being an athlete is not always hugs and kisses and blue skies.  Getting paid to play a “game” is becoming more and more complicated for today’s players who are human beings with feelings, and with personalities that sometimes need attention.  The pressure to perform, to win, and to do it again and again night after night is not meant for everyone.  Playing a game is one thing, but dealing with the pressure of winning and producing is entirely something else.  With the deaths this summer of Derek Boogaard and now Rick Rypien, the NHL is finally taking another look at it’s behavioural and substance abuse programs.  It’s about time  as Gary Bettman announced that these programs will be reviewed.   The league needs to get a handle on this before the situation gets out of hand.  There are so many young players coming into the league combined with grizzled veterans who’ve been around the block.  Sometimes the combination of what seems to be the good life is not what it seems.  DUI’s, altercations with police and cab drivers, reckless driving.  It goes on and on.  All sports suffer from these black eyes, and it’s imperative that something be done about it.  It’s not about blame at this point, but it’s about getting the problem under control.  Everyone loves a good brew or two after a game.  The problem becomes when those two become 6 or 7 and combined with a shot or two of “something” stronger.  Then they get behind the wheel of a car, and that’s where the real danger comes in.  We have all been there at least once.  Let’s make sure our athletes get the help they need, before it’s too late.

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Around the NHL:

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