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Top Ten Florida Panthers Of All Time- Number 8

C- Stephen Weiss

Weiss was drafted 4th overall by the Florida Panthers in the 2001 NHL Entry Draft.

After being drafted with high hopes Weiss was, like so many Panthers prospects of the past, pressed into service with the Cats early in his career. But you have to give the guy credit…he wants to be a Panther, he want to see this ship turn around unlike his counter part Nathan Horton…

There is nobody who knows about the team’s defeat better than the current longest-tenured Panther. He has been there through it all, never leaving the organization even after seeing unparalleled misery — 10 straight years of missing the playoffs.

Even with all that failure from the team I would still say Weiss is deserving of a spot on this list….he has been a constant, for the most part positive, player for the Cats. Who is very close to breaking some all time records for the Panthers…

Stephen Weiss’s Career Panthers Stats:

124 Goals, 209 Assists, 333 Points

Do you agree or disagree? What has been your favorite Weiss moment in a Cat’s jersey? 

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