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Top 5 Things Not To Do At Another Arena

In preparation for the season…and with intention of being in Dallas for opening night against the Blackhawks…I present 5 things away fans shouldn’t do…

5. Swear up and Down. Nobody enjoys hearing swearing when it’s directed towards their team. But more importantly not around their kids! I was at a game where a guy was dropping F bombs and all sorts of foul stuff right next to some cute little girls. Their father was horrified, this just isn’t the way to behave. Just because NHL 24/7 was on last night does not make it ok.

4. Talk about the good old days of your team. I can’t tell you how annoying it is to hear older fans of teams like New York or Boston or even Pittsburg and Philadelphia talk about Jagr, Messier, Orr…etc. They say stuff like “well back when so and so was playing we would be up 13 goals by now!” This is crap… we all know it…if you want to talk about hockey how bout you talk about the game at hand.

3. Leave your seat many times. There’s nothing more annoying than trying to watch the game while sitting next to people who are getting up over and over again. They’re the people that like to purchase every food item separately during different periods, and who also need to attend the bathroom three times during important plays as well. Not only are you getting in the way of the ice….but c’mon wait till the break. Seriously, at $7 for a hotdog do you have that kind of cash to throw around? If so you can donate to the Rat Trick by…..just kidding.

2. Don’t show up wearing a jersey of a team that isn’t even playing. Perfect example, you’re at a Lightning and Panthers game having a great time. Then, some guy shows up and won’t shut up how the Red Wings would kick BOTH these teams down. It’s annoying and serves absolutely no purpose. I get it, you’re from Detroit and you love your team. You can go back now.

1. Don’t be that guy that is rooting for the other team, but doesn’t understand that he’s in someone else’s home. You know when you go into someone else’s arena there are two ways you can do it. You can be the polite guy that loves hockey and talks with fans of the other team. Or you can be the loud, abrasive guy that is obnoxious from the opening faceoff until the final horn.

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