Sunday Conversation: If You Could Pick One Player......


Welcome to the second installment of the Sunday Conversation.  A chance for the Rat Trick community to chat amongst each other.

Today’s topic gives you the opportunity to pick one player to start your NHL team.  The player you pick has to be active, and preferably younger than 35.  So if you can stay away from Niklas Lidstrom that would be great.  Name your player and why you would start your team with him.  There’s no right or wrong answer.

For me, the decision is really easy.  It’s not Crosby, Ovechkin or either one of the Sedin sisters twins.  It’s not that goalie from Vancouver, Bobby Lose either.  While you might say that I’m disrespecting the Florida Panthers with my pick, when you consider the roster changes over the years, I just can’t pick a player currently with the team that fits my mold.  In reality, when I look around at all the top players in the league there’s no player I’d rather start my team with.  First of all your team needs heart, leadership and determination.  It needs a player that has those attributes along with skill, speed, grit and hockey sense.  A player that says “follow me boys, I’ll lead the way.  But also a player that’s well liked by his teammates, can have fun with the guys when it’s necessary, but will never back down from a challenge.

At the tender age of 21, Jonathan Toews became the captain of a young Chicago Blackhawks team, and in the second year of his captaincy led them to a Stanley Cup Championship.  The first in Chicago in 49 years.  He’s been called Captain Serious, Captain Marvel and even Captain America.  His performance in the 2010 Stanley Cup playoffs speaks for itself. When you look at the following video, you’ll see why he’s easily my choice.


Alright gang, let’s hear your pick.  Click on the comment tab above and fire away.

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  • davidlasseter

    For me, it would have to be Toews as well. Really can’t ask more from a player. If you had a checklist of what you wanted in a hockey player, he would have a check in just about every box, if not EVERY one. And I don’t want my captain to smile….unless they’re handing him the Stanley Cup!

  • Josh Luecht

    If I could choose anyone to build my team around would go with Stamkos…theguy is everywhere…he can play the point on the PP and wing if you need him…..

  • Scott Mullin

    Toews is probably the best forward to biuld a team around, but I’m going to go with Shea Weber. He might be the best defenseman in the league and he might also have the hardest shot. He still has a ton of potential. As for a goalie, I would have to choose Carey Price. Out of all three, Toews is probably the best choice to build a franchise.

  • FrankRekas

    Can’t argue too much with either Weber or Stamkos, but like Dave, Jonathan brings all the tools, some of which we haven’t seen from Stamkos just yet. Interesting that no one has named Alex or Sid.

  • Scott Mullin

    i inferred one of the prerequisites was not to name either Crosby or Ovechkin. That would be too easy.

  • FrankRekas

    Well played Scott. Just waiting for someone to use pick one of them.

  • PatrickRattrick

    My choice is the Ducks Corey Perry. He is only 26, 6′ 3″ 206 pounds, a big winger who would fit nicely into my preferred style of hockey- physical puck possession. He won the gold with Canada in the World Juniors and Olympic Gold in Vancouver where he scored twice against Russia, and once against the US in the second period of the final. Not to mention his 98 pts last season, 50 goals and 48 assists. He is also active in the community and great with the fans.