My Ten Least Favorite NHL Uniforms

The new Panthers uniforms inspire me to hate on other teams' sweaters. Photo:

One thing I have noticed this offseason is the number of teams changing their uniforms, including the Panthers.  I love the idea of hockey kits, but some get-ups simply tick me off to look at.  Here are my ten least favorite uniforms in the NHL right now.

10. I have to knock the Winnipeg Jets for not having a uniform yet.

9. Colorado Avalanche – The bizarre burgundy color on their jerseys are flat out ugly, and the skinny font on their jerseys upsets me.  The Avalanche need a new color scheme or should just become the Nordiques again.

8. Phoenix Coyotes – There is nothing in itself that “wrong” with the jersey, but I hate how plain it is.  Red and white has already been done  by the Red Wings.  Is it too late to go back to the old jerseys?

7. Dallas Stars – I don’t think there’s anything worse than a logo-less jersey.  Especially without any color.

6. Carolina Hurricanes - Hurricane fans have been “seeing red” a little bit too much.  The uniforms are not only, for the most part, monotone, but they are also way too busy.  Piping and stripes everywhere.

5. Columbus Blue Jackets - These jerseys are far too plain.  Even worse are the secondary jerseys, which do a pretty poor job of honoring our Civil War history.  The font kind of looks like a Russian Bloc script.

4. Ottawa Senators - Again, these jerseys are too plain.  It seems like the white and black was thrown on under the armpits at the last minute.  And I must also show this tragedy whenever the subject of Senator uniforms comes up.

3. Pittsburgh Penguins - If Crosby and Malkin didn’t suit up in these unis, these would probably be despised.  Too much black, with an ugly gold color.  The third jerseys aren’t that bad, but I never got on board with the skating penguin.  I miss the old triangle logo.

2. Tampa Bay Lightning - If you haven’t seen these new uniforms, you might mistake the Lightning for a new look Maple Leafs team.  I always wanted a blue jersey, but a little bit of black couldn’t hurt!  This jersey needs a third color somewhere.

1. New Jersey Devils - I’m sure management is waiting for Martin Brodeur to retire so they can spruce up these things.  The red is a nice color, but I thought this was the one uniform that could have benefited from the Reebok Edge switch a few years ago.  Nothing changed.  I’m assuming they’re holding on to this design to honor the legendarily boring Devil teams of the ’90s, but some green or new stripes are long overdue.

So what do you think Panther fans?  Am I in the wrong?  Comment on the bottom.

  • Esbee92

    Not a Panther’s fan but commenting anyway! ;-) You seem to have a Goldilocks approach to what uniforms you like. Our Hurricanes uniforms are too busy but then you mention other ones that are “too plain.” Hmmm. Not sure what you like! I am good with plain but I don’t call it that…I say “simple.” Simple is not always bad. The Avalanche uniforms are pretty hideous and I am not a fan of the Blue Jackets either. Something about the splashy logos that I don’t like. I tend to like more traditional looking unis. Love the Pens 3rd jerseys. And I like the Bolts new sweaters precisely for the reasons you don’t like them!

    Those old Coyotes jerseys need to stay in what ever jersey afterlife they have gone to. They look like bad condo decorating from the 80′s.

    p.s. I DO like the new Panthers sweater! A lot!

  • Scott Mullin

    @Esbee92 Thank you for your comment and I do see what you’re saying. I guess I don’t have a certain thing that I look for when I judge a uniform, I just know it when I see it. I think the Blackhawks have the best uniform in the NHL by far. I can’t knock classics. But I also like newer, edgier kits like the ones the Predators and Blues have. Things that drive me crazy are the big, fat, slanted fonts that teams like the Hurricanes, Ducks, and Flames have. I also hate plain designs like the ones the Devils have. I’m always looking for something in the middle. Blackhawks, Flyers, Sabres, Oilers, Islanders are my top five.

  • Esbee92

    @Scott Mullin I also subscribe to the know it when you see it method! I love our 3rd jerseys…the black ones. (I went to NC State so I am sort of born to love red so I like our others but not as much.) My dad thinks the 3rds are hideous. LOVE the Preds new sweaters. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about them but I like them alot. Not sold on the guitar strings yet though. But I dig ‘em.

    Blackhawks have the baddest jerseys on the planet! I was wearing my red Duncan Keith “shirsey” last Friday and someone that knows NOTHING about hockey or sports in general commented on the logo!

    Meeting in the middle with the Blackhawks *shakes hand*

  • FrankRekas

    The best sweater in the NHL is Chicago’s. Not because I’m from there, but because it is. No one can argue that there is a better crest in the league. Rich in history and tradition, it’s bar far the one that’s at the top of the list.

    As for this list, I think Scott you’re on the right track. Some of these are just kind of hokey, and I just don’t get it. While you vote the Devils in first, I’m kinda thinking that Pittsburgh wins this hands down. Then again, I can’t stand the Penguins!

  • davidlasseter

    I have to make my nomination for the Minnesota Wild’s sweaters. I haven’t seen one variation of them that has looked good. Godawful!

  • Scott Mullin

    @davidlasseter I agree, they can’t seem to get a good-looking uniform out of those Christmas colors. They were close to cracking my list.