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Sunday Conversation. Who’s Your Captain?

It’s Sunday afternoon, in the middle of summer, and every once in awhile it gets a little difficult to come up with something that’s worthwhile to type out.  As a challenge to ourselves here in the Rat Trick offices, we are always kicking around ideas.  Some good, some not so much.  When you have six minds there’s bound to be something to write about.  You would think.  But sometimes you get just a bit frozen.  So as I’m reading the Sunday papers (Miami Herald & New York Times), I thought let’s try an open discussion forum.  We’ll pick a topic, and you the readers, along with us here, will comment.  All day long.  It’s easy to do.  From either your computer or cell phone.  We can all carry on a conversation.

This could flop, or this could be something that catches on.  The title isn’t permanent, but I figured that if it’s only going to be on Sunday’s, then for now it makes sense.  We’ll take suggestions on that one too.  Never let it be said that we won’t try almost anything once here, as we look to make this the best Florida Panther site on the blogosphere.

Today’s topic (which will not be limited to Panther material going forward if this works) is, tell us who you think should be the next Captain of the team and why.  This is a big decision here in Sunrise, and while I have my choice, and will be more than happy to defend it once this discussion gets started, we’d love to hear yours.  This pick will be one of the most important things that head coach Kevin Dineen decides on this season.  For me it’s very clear.  How about for you?

Have at it gang.  Just click on the comment tab above and off we go!

Oh, by the way, speaking of Captain, Little Miss Rat Trick wants to see Captain America this afternoon.  So there’s today’s inspiration.  Thanks kid!

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  • davidlasseter

    For me, it has to be Jovo. He’s a veteran who was here during the best days of this franchise. Heck, his picture hangs over a locker of a defenseman to serve as an example of who to be like. As his contract expries and he heads towards retirement, the C can then be passed on to whoever is ready to take over the leadership of this team.

    I know his play isn’t close to what it was when he was here the first time, but he can still bring a ton of leadership to the this team on and off the ice.

  • Scott Mullin

    I would agree with Jovanovski as captain. hes a veteran defenseman who deserves a chance to captain a team at this point in his career. Campbell doesn’t have a history with the panthers yet to warrant giving him the “c”, and Weiss isn’t as experienced as Jovo. I say give jovo the captain spot and make Weiss and Campbell alternates. Campbell could be replaced by Versteeg or Booth and I wouldn’t mind, either.

  • FrankRekas

    My choice from the minute they signed him is Jovanovski. With a nickname like JovoCop, how can you not give it to him? Signed for his leadership amongst other qualities, he fits the bill of a captain. A veteran presence both on and off the ice and a leader by example. I agree with both Dave and Scott, his play may not be what it once was, but he still deserves this opportunity.

    For me you give the role of captain to a player that best exemplifies a leader. Someone that is respected by his teammates, and proves that he can be the backbone of the club. I don’t believe that the C should be given to anyone just because “he’s been here a long time”. Or that he’s loyal.

  • AdamReid

    Rather than have an older player represent us while wearing the “C”, I would like the captaincy to go to noone other than, David Booth. If we give the “C” to Jovanovski again, it will just be another repeat of Bryan McCabe, whereas we give it to a veteran defender with experience who just joined the team.

    I understand he did begin his career here, but why not use the face of our franchise, a very important player on our club just like a Sidney Crosby or Alex Ovechkin. Booth is a guy who started his career here and has been a leader since day one. He is a very smart player and devoted to this organization as he has stuck with us through thick and thin despite all the guys around him departing.

    Boothy has been through concussions, injuries, hot streaks and hard times, and has always found a way to bounce back and still stand out as a leader on this team. Give the guy what he deserves.

  • PatrickRattrick

    I think Jovanovski will fit the best. The organization is channeling the 1996 success, changing the sweaters back to red, the buzz with the “we see red,” so its seems natural to stitch a “C” on Jovocop, especially with all the young players the Panthers have (median age is 27.5). It will be important for them to have a veteran with over 1,000 games of experience.